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nitish govt’s u-turn on surya namaskar after opposition onslaught and confusion 

patna,(bihartimes): following widespread confusion and chaos and attack by the opposition parties the state government on tuesday took a u-turn with the chief minister nitish kumar telling the state assembly that there was no directive to schools for students to do the ‘asana’ and accused the opposition of creating an ‘unnecessary wrangle’.

the chief minister said that as far as the state government is concerned, no directive has been issued to schools to conduct surya namaskar by students. 

outside the state assembly principal secretary education, amarjeet sinha, told media-persons that notification was issued by the directorate of secondary education who “did not take permission from me before it issued the notification.”

sinha said a “thorough probe” would be carried out into the controversy. “the director of secondary education, k k sinha, has already been asked to give an explanation on the issue,” he said.

amarjeet sinha said he had learnt that the directorate of secondary education had, on february 1, received a letter from the swami vivekananda shard shati samaroh samiti with a request to ensure participation of students for surya namaskar at govern- ment schools.

based on the letter, sinha said, the directorate of secondary education, on february 5, issued a circular to all district education officers asking school principals to ensure attendance of students from classes iv-vii for the surya namaskar drill at functions on february 18 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of swami vivekananda.

nitish told the assembly that principal secretary (education) had clarified that surya namaskar by students in schools has not been mandated by the state government and so there is no question of forcing students of different religious beliefs to perform the yoga against their wishes.

his reply came after the leader of opposition abdul bari siddique raised the issue during debate on the governor’s address.

but when siddique quoted from documents that the education department directed schools to organise surya namaskar for class ix and x students, the chief minister said he was unaware of any order but promised to look into the matter.

surya namaskar issue caused a lot of confusion and chaos on monday as it coincided with the opening day of the plus-ii examination of bihar board. it exposed the total lack of communication and coordination between the education department themselves. it raised another very serious question: as to how was the notification changed for minorities students on feb 18? how can the chief minister remain unaware such important change in decision, asked the opposition leaders.

what is more, surya namaskar programme failed to elicit good response because of the examination as in many schools the teachers were busy rather than organizing surya namakar.

what is more the issue caused rift within the nda with many janata dal (united) leaders openly accusing the bjp of landing the state government in trouble for no rhyme and reason. 

janata dal (united) national spokesman, shivanand tiwary, on the other hand, criticized the two bjp ministers for calling the rjd mlas pakistani agents.

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