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Brahmastra review.PR Handout Umair Sandhu, who claims to be having access to some overseas censor board and posts film reviews on social media accounts, has claimed that the Hindi film lacks soul.

nitish favours reservation policy for affiliated colleges 

patna,(bihartimes): the chief minister nitish kumar intervened in the state assembly to say that his government would have no objection if the house had to send recommendations on reconsidering its policy on performance-based grants to non-aided affiliated colleges.

in a question of the janata dal (united) mla chhedi paswan, on non-compliance of quota rules in appointment by affiliated colleges receiving grants from the government the chief minister said “i had announced the policy in the assembly in march 2008 and it was welcomed by all sections of society, including college teachers. the grants given by the government are performance-based. but in the past five years, there have been problems in giving grants to some colleges. if the house wants to take a re-look into the policy, the government will assist it.”

he supported chhedi paswan’s demand that reservation policy should be strictly followed in appointments in these institutions.

the chief minister, however, categorically said the state government had no plan to take over such institutions.

education minister p k shahi said the government would keep in mind to enforce reservation policy in these institutions while formulating policy for them.

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