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cm accuses fci of going back on promise of procuring foodgrains speedily

patna,(bihartimes): chief minister nitish kumar on thursday accused the food corporation of india (fci) of going back on its earlier promise of procuring foodgrains speedily from the state.
nitish, who intervened while food minister shyam rajak was replying to a question of leader of opposition in the assembly abdul bari siddiqui, said that the process of purchase of foodgrain has been hit hard in the state due to unavailability of quality controller and frequent strikes in fci.

he alleged the opposition is seeking to score political points on this issue, and appealed to them to fight unitedly against the "discrimination.

he said had it been punjab or uttar pradesh, all the mlas would have been on their feet to unitedly fight such discrimination against the interest of farmers.

on slow procurement of wheat in the state, the chief minister claimed it was because farmers were getting good rates in the open market than the minimum support price.

earlier, shyam rajak rejected the leader of opposition’s charge that paddy was rotting in open space at sitamarhi and other places.

amazon items with 5 star reviews

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