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property worth crores recovered after raids 

patna,(bihartimes): moveable and immoveable property worth crores were recovered after teams of eou raided the residential and business premises of sub-inspector, mohammad yunus, executive engineer of rural engineering organization mithilesh kumar and executive engineer of phed nageshwar sharma. the raids continued for two days––wednesday and thursday.

however, it was yunus who turned to be the wealthiest. incidentally, he is to retire in coming may.

seventeen different teams of eou had conducted the raids under the prevention of corruption act. the eou has lodged firs but no arrest has been made so far.

it was rags to riches story of yunus, son of a very poor parent who joined as a constable in bihar police in 1974. now he is sub-inspector (enforcement) with the transport department in kaimur district and became the owner of a cinema hall and a hotel, besides acquiring property worth crores of rupees––one estimate said rs 50 crore.

his property includes a movie theatre, a hotel, four four-storied houses (two each in patna and muzaffarpur), 25-acre land at different places and 34 vehicles for his teachers’ training college and private school called delhi public school.

they also recovered rs 61.98 lakh in cash from his movie theatre located in muzaffarpur district. huge investments in banks and stock markets were also detected. 

his father used to sell turmeric and chillies and mother was a vegetable vendor. 

reports said that after the death of his poor father, mohammad siddiqui, he threw his mother latifan out of his house. in deep frustration she committed suicide by jumping in front of a running train.

raids on the houses of mithlesh kumar and nageshwar sharma helped detect huge moveable and immoveable property.

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