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how to remove seller feedback on amazon

Therefore, you may need to read the online slot bonus round rules to use them well. Don't stake big sums at ones.

how to remove seller feedback on amazon

The following is a list of sports allowed to be wagered on but is not a complete list. Check out our video guide on betting on the Moneyline.

how to remove seller feedback on amazon

Amazon then uses this feedback to form a rank of reviewers whereby an Amazon user whose reviews are consistently voted as helpful will move up the ranks to become a top reviewer. What is the Amazon Reviewer Ranking Algorithm?


bihar panchayat bans mobile phones in school


patna, jan 1 (ians) a panchayat in bihar has banned the use of mobile phones by school students and told girl students not to wear "provocative dresses".

"both decisions were taken by panchayat members in view of increasing cases of rape," panchayat head sushma singh of matpa in aurangabad district said.

teachers of government-schools have been asked to strictly implement both orders, she said.

according to her, students from class 6 to 12 have been banned from taking mobile phones to schools.

"the mobile phone is the cause of all evils in our society, including increasing love affairs and incidents of elopement," she said.

the panchayat has asked school girls not to wear "provocative dresses".

a local official said the panchayat orders had no legal basis.

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