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A pack of silicone baking cups so you can bake a whole bunch of cookies - you can also use these to make a mini waffle, a cake, and even a side of pizza. I have three kids, and I like using them to make coffee in the microwave.

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The casinos that allow for low minimum deposits typically support a wide range of cryptos. If you want to play for a long time with $1, it's best to ensure that the slot you're playing has low volatility.

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com or eBay. Ctrl + R Restart game (go to title screen).


26 die of cold wave in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): even as bihar witnessed the lowest day temperature in 21st century, at least 26 people lost their lives in cold waves in the last 48 hours.
the state capital registered a minimum temperature of 6.1 degree celsius and a maximum of 9.7 degree celsius. this was lowest since 2001.

according to met sources, the lowest maximum temperature was 9.8 degree celsius on january 13, 2001.

gaya recorded the lowest of 2.7 degree celsius with a maximum of 15.4 degree celsius, which is 8 degree below normal. purnea and bhagalpur registered a minimum of 6.0 and 6.1 degree celsius and a maximum of 15.1 and 13.2 degrees celsius respectively.

all the schools, even the high schools, have been declared close till jan 9. further decision in this regard would be taken after a review meeting on jan 9.

flights and train services have greatly been hit on monday. no flight could land at the loknayak jayaprakash narayan airport due to extremely poor visibility. most of the trains passing through patna, gaya, muzaffarpur etc and originating from north and north-east areas were running very late.

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