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learn how to make money on amazon

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learn how to make money on amazon

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learn how to make money on amazon

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indian soldiers killed in 'inhuman' manner: antony



new delhi, jan 9 (ians) pakistani troops killed two indian soldiers in jammu and kashmir in an "inhuman" manner, defence minister a.k. antony said wednesday.

the killings tuesday were "highly provocative. the way they have treated the body of the indian soldiers, it is inhuman", antony told the media here.

"we are closely monitoring the situation," he added.

the minister said india will "convey its protest" to pakistan over the brutal killings in the border district of poonch.

"we will convey our protest to the pakistan government and our dgmo (director general of military operations) will talk to his counterpart in pakistan," antony said.

indian officials said pakistani soldiers, said to be from the baloch regiment, sneaked into jammu and kashmir taking advantage of a thick fog tuesday and killed the indian soldiers and wounded a third.

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