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review amazon products and get paid

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review amazon products and get paid

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review amazon products and get paid

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review amazon products and get paid

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now bhagalpur police says no gangrape, woman committed suicide


patna,(bihartimes): this time the police in bihar has changed its own version of gang-rape in bihar. in a couple of other cases in the recent past it is the victims who had change it.
now the police is saying that the death of a woman––a delhi-bound train passenger in early 30s––was caused because of suicide.

earlier on sunday the police had said that she was gang-raped and later killed by some unidentified persons.

the body of the woman was found hanging from a tree in a mango orchard at kahalgaon in bhagalpur district on sunday. she might have been killed a day earlier.

the police now said that the woman’s post-mortem report had ruled out the earlier theory that she might have been gangraped, murdered and then hung from a tree.

talking to the media on monday bhagalpur senior superintendent of police k s anupam said the medical report had clearly established the absence of any kind of sexual activity. “going by the findings of the medical team, we believe she probably committed suicide,” the ssp said.

she, however, said the police were not completely ruling out the possibility that somebody else may have hung her from a tree in the kahalgaon mango orchard.

the woman was traveling by brahmaputra mail with her 10-year-old son and two relatives from alipurduar in west bengal to delhi, to join her husband who works as a labourer there.

if reports from bhagalpur––based on relatives and police versions are to be believed––the woman, hailing from new jalpaiguri district in west bengal, had started feeling restless in the crowded compartment of the train. so when the train slowed down near kazipur, which is between kahalgaon and vikramshila stations, she jumped out of the compartment on saturday.

but her body was found in the orchard 10 kilometres from the railway track the following morning.

anupam told the media that an inquiry had been underway into the circumstances, which caused the woman to jump out of the compartment, as claimed by her relatives. it was also a matter of probe as to how she got to the orchard.

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