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faculty hiring would start from this year: niu vc

patna,(bihartimes): the vice chancellor (designate) of nalanda international university, gopa sabharwal, said that the governing board of the university would meet in patna on february 4 to discuss about ways to ensure that it takes off by 2014.

she said that the process of appointing the faculty would start from this year.
“faculty hiring would start from this year. renovation of the temporary campus of the university in rajgir has begun too. the structure was given to us in october last year and work is going on now,” she was quoted in the telegraph.

she said “the faculty can be from anywhere, including bihar. but then the standards need to be met, as this would be an international university. the faculty should be up to the standards when it comes to the hiring. things like fluency in english are a must of course. there would be a total of seven schools.”
in phase-i, the school of historical studies and the school of ecology and environmental studies would take off.

the five other schools are of buddhist studies (philosophy and comparative religion), languages and literature, international relations and peace studies, information sciences and technology and business management in relation to public policy and development studies.

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