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doctors strike called off in bihar

patna,(bihartimes): about 4,000 government doctors, who went on a two-day strike from monday midnight, called off their two day strike. 
the decision to withdraw strike was taken after a daylong negotiation with the government, which assured them to consider their demands within three months.

besides, the government relented to consider the strike as legitimate leave instead of unauthorized leave, as was announced earlier.

according to health secretary-cum-executive director of bihar state health society, sanjay kumar, the health department would recommend to the government to recruit doctors on contract on the basis of only walk-in interviews, as is the case in haryana. the withdrawal of may 2011 notification, which requires written examination and interview, would be considered but the final decision is yet to be reached.

he said the health department would wait for the decision of the finance department on the demand of bringing the doctors salary on par with the centre besides other financial issues.

sanjay kumar also said that doctors might get non-practising allowance in lieu of giving up private practices. however, strict punitive action would be taken against erring doctors. 

the efforts for strengthening the health directorate are already on, as per the demand of the doctors. a committee would be formed to look into all their demands and it would give its report in three months.
the bihar health services association (bhsa) general secretary, dr ajay kumar, said he was satisfied with the negotiation outcome. the strike has been withdrawn and they have also given up the proposed indefinite strike from february 14 in the wake of assurances from the government.
ajay kumar said the government has assured five increments to the doctors at the entry-level instead of three and eight increments to the specialist doctors. 

according to him the government has assured bhsa to consider replacing district collector by civil surgeon as the head of the district health societies and removing sdo from the patient welfare committees. 
president of the state chapter of the ima, dr a k thakur, hoped the government would consider their demand seriously.

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