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dig disagrees with ssp on bhagalpur gangrape, murder case


patna,(bihartimes): a day after bhagalpur senior superintendent of police (ssp) k s anupam said that the woman of jalpaiguri, who went missing from brahmaputra mail, actually committed suicide and that she was not gangraped and murdered, the deputy inspector general of police (bhagalpur range) amit kumar jain ordered a fresh probe into the incident.

he asked the ssp to conduct a thorough investigation in the wake of the contention of the victims’ relatives that she was murdered and had not committed suicide. the ssp, on the other hand, had quoted the relatives as saying that the woman jumped from the train.

“the case requires a thorough investigation and it should be based on scientific evidences,” jain reportedly told the ssp. both the dig and ssp on monday visited the site from where the hanging body of the woman was recovered.

the ssp had also referred to the post-mortem report, which suggested that strangulation was the cause of the death.

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