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hazare to stay at jp house ahead of patna rally


patna, jan 29 (ians) in a bid to send a political message, activist anna hazare has decided to stay at legendary socialist leader jayaprakash narayan's house in the bihar capital ahead of his 'jantantra' rally wednesday, an official said.

"anna hazare will spend the night at jayaprakash narayan's house at kadamkuan in patna, ahead of his rally here," a.n. singh, an india against corruption member, said tuesday.

hazare is set to arrive tuesday evening and will remain here till jan 31.

last year anna hazare announced to hold a rally in patna, the birthplace of legendary socialist leader jayaprakash narayan, popularly known as jp. 

patna has been chosen by hazare to follow the legacy of jp's anti-graft movement.

former army chief gen. (retd) v.k. singh, who is camping here to look after preparations for the rally, told media persons that hazare expressed his desire to stay at jp's house.

kiran sinha, who is associated with the socialist leader's house, said the guest room was opened for hazare's stay.

a political crusader, jp led a people's movement against indira gandhi's emergency rule in the 1970s and orchestrated the end of the congress party's dominance in indian polity.

beginning in bihar, jp's movement spread all over india and resulted in the first non-congress coalition taking office at the centre in 1977, ousting the congress for the first time since independence.

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