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believe it pmch has now no money for soap, cotton


patna,(bihartimes): it was perhaps never so bad for the bihar’s premier health-centre, patna medical college and hospital.

not to speak of medicine it does not have money to buy cotton, cotton gauge and soaps for doctors to wash their hands before and after a surgery. it does not even have money to buy intravenous fluids.

reports said that the 65-odd list of medicines, the government claims to have made available for indoor patients has dwindled to less than half. the list of 45 drugs available for outdoor patients have come down to around 10. all that is available in pmch are some paracetamol tablets, some skin ointments, antibiotics and multi-vitamin syrup. 

the drug inventory situation has been abysmal for the last few months. the health-hub has no money even when 15 more days are left in the current financial year.

the funds available to the superintendent for running the hospital have all dried up. the hospital has utilized all of its rs 25 crore for payment of salaries and accrued arrears, even if it came at the cost of patients welfare.

dr arjun singh, who took charge as hospital superintendent on march 7 last, conceded that there was no money to buy cotton, cotton gauge, soap and medicines. “i have requested the government to urgently make available some money to the hospital and something would be done soon,” he was quoted in hindustan times as saying.

on march 11 he relieved all the 35 clerical employees that the state government had transferred a couple of months back.

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