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british diplomat calls for more cooperation with bihar


patna,(bihartimes): the british deputy high commissioner for eastern india, sanjay wadvani, on wednesday lauded development and inclusive growth in bihar and said that several companies from his country were evincing interest to work in infrastructure, education and other sectors in the state.

speaking at a seminar here he said the chief minister deserves all credit for improvement in law and order situation. the changing perception about bihar has helped attract investments for development of infrastructure and ensure inclusive growth.

he said bihar has not only emerged as the fastest growing state in india, but has been contributing to the growth of india.

the diplomat of indian origin claimed that uk-based companies had the right mix of business expertise, skill and experience to work with the local industry in various sectors and the state government.

wadwani also explained the development and welfare activities of the department of international development (dfid) in bihar.

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