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Manoj Kumar
703, Panch Mahal, Panch Shristi complex, Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai

Dr. Sudhir Ranjan,
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Arun J Prakash
Miami, Fl 33193

Dr. Ajay Kapoor
Consultant Chartered Psychologist
Manchester, UK


Dr. Suresh Nandan Sinha
Nehru Nagar,
Patliputra Colony, Patna, India

Subscribers may make online payments in Bihar Times account.

Account No. 625905035969 , ICICI Bank, Patna

Cheque/ draft should be in the name of Bihar Times and for online payment please log in to money2india section of ICICI BANK
If you want to send it through post send it to:
Bihar Times
4 B Nehru Nagar,
Patliputra Colony,
Patna: 800 013


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For non-resident Indians
Annual subscription: $25.00
Life membership: $200.00
Founder member: $500.00

For Resident Indians
Annual membership: Rs.500.00
Life membership :Rs.4,000.00
Founder membership: Rs. 10,000.00


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