Recent reshuffle in Adminstration


Recent reshuffle in administration can be seen as Loksabha Election preparation as well as image building of present JD-U , BJP government in our state . Life is not easy in a political active state like Bihar where every action take a CASTE ANGLE . Unfortunetly , many brave and honest officers were seen as victim of such political game .
Above all , we all should welcome our new DGP and can get assurance from his coming actions that he too won't play any caste game in his last 3 months of career as a police officer . Above credibility of D N Gautam is already tested by local people but after a long period of non working areas - He may require to prove that he still have same wavelength to revive and control the law & order of Bihar .
Unfortunetly , In recent reshuffle many bootlickers either promoted on better place or has been untouched .
After half of period for what JD-U, BJP government has been elected , First half was all about caste biased fake encounters , union of bootlickers in power as well as many caste combinations resulted the state in same situation what lalu-rabri left , Bow in Next half this government will have to work unless Paswan is ready to move 1 , anne marg !
With all wishes to JD_U , BJP govt !

Ranjan Rituraj Sinh , INDIRAPURAM