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 The Rahman Foundation, Munger has adopted a model of Super 30 to crack IITs for Bihari Muslim under the direct supervision of Super 30 Founders and Architects.  The Rahman Foundations was supposed to pick-up poor average Muslim candidates from Bihar to coach them for IIT Jee in Patna at free coaching, lodging and foods. It is indeed a good step ever started towards serving the education causes of the Bihar Muslims, similar to Super-30 by a private establishment.

Accidently, I had been in Patna during the Rahmani-30 announcement for asking interested candidates who has scored or to be scored 60+ marks in 12th to fill the forms and appear in the test at selected locations throughout Bihar. About 2,300 candidates appeared in the test and finally 16 candidates selected. The test papers for Rahmani-30 were on par with IIT question paper.

Those who selected are not normal students but they are best of all Bihari Muslims. In another words they are close to qualify IITs, but due to lack of proper guidance and facilities, they may not do it.  With the support of Rahman Foundation and under the proper guidance of Super-30, they will be expectantly able to crack it.

I heard at first that normal students would be selected and coached in such a way that they would qualify IIT Jee.  For me it was a great surprise as it was unbelievable, as how normal students can be prepared in few months to qualify IIT Jee.  From the Rahmani-30 I came to know that only creams were given opportunity to face IIT Jee, not the normal as we understood earlier.  Since Rahmani-30 could not find 30 creams, they had taken only 16, I believe. Secondly, they may not be from poor families as there was no such criterion for appearing in Rahmani-30 test. They may be mix of all income groups.  As for Super-30, they (students) are also best of all, I think.


However, Rahmani-30 and Super-30’s moral, logistic, financial and educational supports to them are praiseworthy. Give a big hand to them.

Gheyas Hashmi