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  Flood situation in Bihar is not a natural calamity; I will rather say it is political calamity. Flood is coming every year in north Bihar and it will come again next year and then next year and so on. It is not that its coming all of sudden and surprise. Its 61 years of our independence and we are not able to built dam and barrage to control it. Is this nature to blame for it? I think no! Our politician should be blamed for this.

Bihar Govt is asking one thousand crores for flood victim, give them hundreds thousands crores and it not make any difference.  After flood there will be tender to repair dam and all that and all this tender will be given to ruling party politician (whatever party rule is) or their close relative. Repair and embankment will made on paper and then wait for another flood in coming year.

Every year after the flood our leaders talk to have some sort of agreement with Nepal. What the hell they are doing for last 61 years. Whether it UPA or NDA Govt. in center, Bihar always has major chunk of ministers. But these ministers are good for nothing. They just inaugurate different projects with much fun fare with their shining name plate. But these never get completed. All ‘big’ Bihari leaders are busy in doing aerial survey as if this is first time for Bihar and they are not aware of its devastation.

Raj Thakre and his likes may be wrong kicking out Bihari from their state, but what our Bihar govt doing to give job to Bihar in their own state. Till recently Bihar was the richest state in term minerals.

This is the fate Bihari because of their corrupt politician. Its heart touching to see innocent faces crying for help in flood affected area.