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It's the beginning of a war. Soldiers of India, it's a World War.

The world is now divided into two  groups: The terrorists and the civilians.Currently, the former seems to be much stronger than the latter, only because we, the civilians, haven't yet realized that it's a war.The point of my argument is:  28 November 2008, Mumbai, India.Those of you who are left unperturbed by the thought of finding your loved one in the emergency ward of a hospital may skip this article. 

This War is different, because of the fact that things are shamefully unpredictable and also that we don't have a well defined target. Our Guards, if we care to win to live, should grow stronger in numbers and armatures, and most importantly in intelligence. Take for example the I-cards hanging lame on the necks. They are archaic! Cheating on them is no rocket science. Electronic I-cards with unique social security numbers is the call of the day. Seems to me that anyone trying to get into the country can have a easy way in through the Gateway of India! Fishermen,get ready, you may have to swipe your electronic I-cards before you can go catch your fish and the same should apply everywhere  in the country if our hearts are really burning. We need a net of intelligence, criss-cross, zigzag, and sufficiently dense. It is us, not U.S. who has to do it for us. Why U.S.? why any other country? If the countries of the world are helping, they can add to our effort, but why the dependence?.The meetings and discussions amongst the nations of the world, and the their expectation from one another, seem to dilute the very realization, of that of our own country's self defence. We do need super soldiers to tackle things here because of the nature of  this War. In the process, we might end up having the best in the world. Which is possible. And if the poor government of us, the poor people of India, has no money, then we the poor people, want to contribute, if not money, some ideas to gather it. Our well educated ministers,might want to read the following.Let us forget the moon for a while. It is a war on our own territory,and we need resources here. 

If the government really does not have any money then the following ideas might help.Take a thousand rupees every month from my scholarship (MHRD). Every post graduate student in India will contribute to the government security fund. Also, deducting a sum of a thousand a month from the huge salaries of Navratna companies' employees, should not make a difference to them. Sir, we are ready to contribute and help, and if you don't find us helping, snatch it from us.Moreover, a national security tax, may be levied on the large scale industries. The point is to gather funds, without affecting the lenders of it significatly. 

I heard some one mentioning about "heavy bullet proof jackets", I think that should be enough to motivate some research in DRDO and the leading science institutes of the country. Brains of India? We have plenty and our country needs it now. This is the time when the country needs young blood with intelligence in all spheres of national concern like governance, army, navy and intelligence agencies of India and a super power could be a by product.Now that we may have the basic outline and have solved the "lack of funds problem", its still not the time for rest. It's time to put things in action today and now. 

Putting things together, we need air, land and water, and underwater nets of security, manned or unmanned(automated).And we really need gates all over the counrty, where in we will have to put in our electronic I-Cards with social security number and may be our palm prints' or our eyes' pattern might serve as a strong password. It is not just Mumbai, it is not just Delhi, even the towns and cities which have till date been untouched by such inhumanly act, must realise, there is always a first time.    

A Student

IISc Bangalore