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Sentiments & Reaction of NRIs Living in US on Heinous & Dastardly Terrorist Attack


(Bihar Times) While my hat goes off to all the NSG daredevil commandos who exhibited to the world that what true son of soil of India could do, at the same time I am extremely indignant and ashamed of my political authorities. They broke every promise to fulfil their responsibility and moral obligation to secure our motherland.

This gamut of individuals, regardless of what political party they belong to, have set a stigma on our country’s hegemony. They can deliver unworthy futile inflammatory speech to polarize the entire country for the sake of their self interest, they can get innocent citizens becoming victim of their self motives, they can mobilize mobs within no time to show their political party’s false solidarity, but they cannot prove their worth and their duty towards the motherland that is incumbent upon them.  It is so sad to witness as to how our national security system has failed in spite of India having so many wings of intelligence services (i.e. IB, RAW, CBI etc.) – that the foreign malicious elements have contentiously crossed the border and carried out despicable attacks. 

We do not need security for our incumbent politicians, these guys are callous, corrupt, uncaring, power hungry, anti-national, ineffective and inept and have lost their credibility; rather we need utmost safety of our fellow citizens – the innocent common people who unfortunately elect these lame duck and wet blanket politicians. So please, so called politicians listen to nations’ call, have some self-respect, instead of engaging national intelligence services and army force to watch your back for nothing (emphasis – “trust us nobody is going to kill you as you all are of no value”), empower them and engage them  in national security. How long you all will keep on taking the killing of innocent citizens on your shoulders that has unfortunately juxtaposed on our motherland solely owing to your inefficiency and spinelessness.

1993 Mumbai bomb blast, Kargil assault, open gunfire on Indian Parliament, recent series of bomb blast in major cities and now this three-day standoff by terrorist attack in Mumbai – the list goes on and on.  The question is as to what magnitude and intensity of the situation will open the eyes of our authorities.

Who is accountable for this sheer failure of intelligence?

Why do they have a sense of complacent? 

What has inhibited them to take necessary measures to provide robust infrastructure for national security?

Likewise many questions remain unanswered – I hope they will wake up this time and do justice to their roles and responsibilities so that the whole nation as well as the whole world will be proud of. 

Saroj Das & Sanjay Prakash






India with a population of 1.2 billion people and 200 billion dollars of foreign exchange has very solid options to stop this menace coming from Pakistan.The shuttle diplomacy of USA is not going to solve the problem.It is nothing different then what we have seen since parliament attack.

Indians have to fight its own war for security and sovernity of India.If our spineless politicians don't step up to the plate and don't bring the perpetrators of this hienous crime to justice by eliminating the terrorist camps and bringing the Pakistani army and ISI generals to Indian court for justice,it is time for aam aadmi to come to the street and demand actions from the government.

We should not allow this incident to be any other incident.It is an assault to our freedom and every indian is willing to make the sacrifice for regaining the freedom.

Folks in media,please don't stop reporting on this Mumbai attack until the Indian government declares the war on Pakistan or Pakistan hands over to Indians the perpretors of the crime and shuts down the camp in a matter of a month .

This incident has cross the limits of Indian patience.

Deepak Kumar



The article reflects the heart and mind of a common patriotic indian living inside or out of the country, but the million dollar question remains to be answered are we really ready to make a change in our system which is based on caste creed and religion? are we not spineless too? the irony is that we are encircled by the corrupt(UPA) and communal(NDA) like politicians.

As long as these politicians are alive in the system a poor innocent indian is going to suffer, even the honest officers of ATS(investigating the Malegaon blast), were wiped out in one short.

Today a place like Taj and Oberio has been attacked ,people are crying from all parts of the world, in the past, similar incidents have happend in differnt parts of the country affecting poor people but went unnoticed , WHY???

THE only remedy is that the people have to change their set of minds, in democray the people are governed by -- of the people
by the people
for the people.
but we are governed by--the spineless
-off the communal
for the corrupt,
Please stand up in the name of thy lord and remove the corrupt and the communal from the face of the nation, so that our future generation could live in peace and harmoney

Dr Anwer Ahsan
Dammam, ksa