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Mumbai massacre and its aftermath


(Bihar Times) Massacre in Mumbai is a wake up call to every Indian. It has exposed everything that is wrong with us. It has exposed politician, media, security services, intelligence, and lack of coherence in government departments. The only one encouraging thing to emerge untainted from this crisis is the common Indian citizen. Their unity, valour, anger and grief re-establish faith that India is strong, undivided, capable and to be proud of.

It is sad as well as infuriating to see non-cooperation from a man desiring to be the next Prime Minister of India. Question one must ask now, is that person fit to be Prime Minister ? Home Minister Patil was revealing to media what action is being taken, and some of the terrorists watching TV in the hotels must have been laughing their heart out . Seven hours delay in arrival of NSG and their failure to establish a command center, led to most chaotic response. Karkare and his colleagues shouldn't have died if they were not wearing flimsy bullet proof jacket, but a resistant one. Police failed to cordon off scene of action which resulted in utter chaos brought on by crowd watching "Tamasha". TV media coverage was most unprofessional bordering on hype. When will the newsreaders and reporters stop shouting, speak slowly in an unemotional way ? Many of the reporters need training in spoken English.

Of the politicians, least one say, the better. By their utterances, they revealed their contempt and what they think of their fellow countrymen. Well, general election is round the corner. Every Indian who has a vote, must give them suitable reply.

Nation salutes the commandos of NSG for their valour and admire their humble and restraint response to media. Our abiding memory for rest of our life is that of commandos abseiling down on the roof of Nariman House. Watched round the globe, for once, we all felt proud and strong. And the Indian citizens, yes, we knew who you are, but we did not know you will rise to such a high of responsibility. Hail to Indian citizens.

Dr. A. Kumar

Norfolk, England