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Refusal of burial Mumbai attackers on islamic graveyard in contrary with human rights


(Bihar Times) I have learnt with concern about the decision of the Indian Muslim Council, not to allow the burial of the 9 killed Mumbai attackers, on an islamic graveyard

As a reason, the Council declares, that the attackers cannot be held muslims, because they went against the teachings of Islam
Another Council-member said, that the attackers had defamed the religion of course I agree, that the Mumbai attacks are in contrary with the teachings of Islam however, viewed from a religious perspective, the decision of the Council is, too, a defamation of the teachings of the Islam, based on respect for every human being, regardless of descent or committed crime.

The denial of a grave is not only one of the most extreme signs of disrespect, it is also a violation of the right of every human being on human dignity, confirmed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also the allegation that the attackers were no muslims, makes no sense, since they were practising the Islam, although their interpretation was totally wrong.

It is evident, that the killed Mumbai attackers are guilty of very serious crimes, for which they would be held accountable on earth, in a fair and independent trial, according to international standards.

However, now they are dead, no Council or other authority has the right to deny them eternal peace on a graveyard.
The Council, based on the teachings of Islam, should set the example of humanity and respect.

Astrid Essed

Florijn 444
The Netherlands