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Nation Under Siege 


(Bihar Times) I am not shocked as it was predicted long time back because of  philosophies which is guiding the handling of terrorism in particular and other aspect of India as a whole, probably sympathiser of terrorist is more in India than Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh but ashamed of being citizen of  impotent nation. The nation which has been brought to knees time and again by citizen of  the country itself is bend of not doing course correction. The nation which has seen the meowing of P.M and country at large on the face of severe terror attack. With this latest terror attack the sovereignty of nation has been shattered forever. The question which is prevailing; how long is it going to go? The answer lies in introspection of a billion citizen of the country sans those groups who is breeding population and terrorism. Serious and honest introspection will lead us to solution coupled with strong conviction to assert the idea of nationalism. I don’t find same violent protest from people who demean the encounter of terrorist in Batla house  and its martyrs. Isn’t it evident to understand what thought process is there? The terrorist has let go two Turkish citizen only because they were Muslims. The insensitivity of government reflects the insensitivity of citizen towards there own nation. We keep on voting same group who harbors philosophies of minorities and secularism. Lighting few candles and some road side polished protest is not going to change the fate of nation. A strong and nationalist resolve has to be asserted time and again till the menace is over forever. Also terrorism doesn’t breed in isolation it is whole philosophies which is governing the nation fuels terrorism. We need to understand why this act of terrorism happens; the sole reason is expansionist strategies of Islam which focuses on total conversion to their faith and laws of land to be designed as per Islamic tenants. Hence, any views of looking it as act of cross border violence or act of few insane people will be repetition of same mistake which nation has committed pre and post independence. Propagator of same philosophies who has not allowed hanging of Afzal namely CM of J&K, Delhi are few who vehemently protected the execution of Supreme Court order.  

Two pronged strategy is need of the hour which is very difficult for people of India to emanate with their current psyche of infinite intolerance: Internal & External. The most important and crucial is internal piece.  We need to start flushing infiltrators from Pakistan & Bangladesh from every nook and corners of the country. The cut off date should be August 1947 whatever may be the circumstances with given timeframe and accountability. The mechanism to regulate Muslim population should form and monitored at regular interval. The demographic of J&K, Assam, border district of Bihar, WB, UP and Orissa should be restore to August 1947. Clamping of minority institution in any form whether university or Madarssa should be done away immediately as this will help to integrate them with rest and help us to monitor and check their orientation for nation. The uniform civil code should be implemented at one go and zero tolerance for people who even think to differ with it. Policies and arrangement which is exclusively formulated for minority on name of secularism breeds anti-national elements hence policies and mechanism should be develop for citizen of nation not for particular communities and religion. All previous sin committed by raiders should be corrected whether it is construction of temple, regaining of Pakistan occupied Kashmir or for that matter anything related to respect of nation should be  executed on priority. Anybody found indulging in war against country should be punished publicly within limited timeframe and there shouldn’t be any human rights concession given to them who are enemy of human lives.  

The external piece should be started with sealing of porous border all across the peninsula with latest technology in place. The hot pursuit should be part of the strategy which will destroy the infrastructure that enables them to attack. Remember fear is the biggest deterrence in hand of state or terrorist and state should use it to deter them in same way they are using against state. We should make them believe that war will be fought on their soil and hence casualties will be always their and they could be their near and dear ones. The nation or land which is used for their breeding should be isolated diplomatically, economically and militarily. India needs to proactively participate in war against terror and not mere spectators. 

We should shed that mental make up which made us parasite and disabled and expects somebody else to fight our war. Remember we have to fight our own war. A nation which doesn’t do that will remain spineless and will face same fate of 26/11 time and again. Do we ever bother to question how 26/11 transformed in to 9/11? Why are we dieing to equate you with US 9/11? These are the epitome of mental slavery which urges us to take solace in some other incidence thus puts us in parasitic mentality of asking somebody else to fight our war. If we don’t have knee to kick then we are born to be kicked by somebody or the other. If we don’t accepts truth and assert yourself with prevailing political and legal system then the day is not far away when we will have terrorist inflicted casualties in each and every family. I don’t have iota of doubt that nation has lost or never ever had Manhood that requires to give befitting reply to ongoing attack on our motherland and what outrage we see now is mere ripples for few days and will die down till next act of outraging the modesty of nation is committed by goons of its soil and abroad…. 
I am ashamed of being citizen of that nation where goons come and thrash us in our home at its own fancy without any remorse and fears. We billions people continue being spectators since time immemorial and will remain same till the eradication of our civilization which we inhabited some point of time.  
Sudeep Singh