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Facts of Prof. Tiwary, HOD Physics, BRABU 


Arrest of Prof. S. N. Tiwary has shown that still there are honest Police Officers in Bihar, who are not afraid of consequences while discharging their duty.This is only one of the numerous cases in which Prof. S. N. Tiwary is under scanner and being investigated for charges of misappropriation and bunglings. To name a few,
(1) In 1979, Physica (B+C) Journal published from Netherland termed him extraordinary kind of scientific fraud for his alleged role in stealing the research paper of Prof. B.N.Roy from post office. The page of corrigendum published by the journal was secretly torn away (removed) from all the libraries of India. Copy attached has been procured from Michigan State University Library (USA)
(2) In 1996, UGC withdrew research grant due to blatant misappropriation of fund as well as production of false bills asking University to take action, which was later suppressed.
(3) In 2003, Atomic and Molecular Society of India allowed him to arrange a meeting of the society - He made it international conference without any paper and permission from MHRD. He also advertised for its inauguration by central ministers without even informing him to gather large amount of donations and funds. A large amount of money was defalcated in the process, which is still to be adjusted against advance taken by him.
(4) The latest event being admission of 63 students at maximum sanctioned strength of 40 in PG Department of Physics, B.R.Ambedkar Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. Intrestingly, all the admissions were taken after the last date notified by Chancellor of Universities. 
Prof. Tiwary is self acclaimed don of the University. He has superceded his ten years seniors to be HOD at BRABU. All proceedings/pappers/files against him disappears (literally vanishes in blue) and the same process continues. He is beeing supported by local MLC in his acts of omissions and comissions. None can dare to speak against him. Mr. Vishwaksen from Delhi asked a few question under RTI act. It is almost one year but he is still to get most information with several appearances at University and State Comission. In the process, he has recieved written threats from Prof. S.N.Tiwary. Another teacher, Dr. Sanjay Kumar has been suspended and transferred for approching State Information Commission under RTI act despite being medically sick and on leave.
Prof. Tiwary should have been suspended immediately, but University admisnistration cannot dare to remove him.




I wish author's name had appeared on this write-up. Without a name, author remains a faceless person. A little search on the internet tells me that your name might be S. Sinha. This is only a speculation, and may very well be wrong.

It was good to see the CORRIGENDUM of Physica B+C issue of January-March 1979. I am glad to see it for two good reasons:

(1) It clearly shows that people in Bihar do engage in quality research. A topic like "Outer S-shell ionization of noble gas atoms by proton impact" appears to be hard core plasma physics. The fact that few people were working on it in Bihar in seventies is quite heartening.

(2) In the days of no internet and extremely poor telephone connectivity in entire India, the fact that a Dutch scientific journal was able to investigate academic plagiarism in Bihar is quite impressive.

I just hope that Prof. S. N. Tiwary gets his dues for his deeds.