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Secularism – Antulay’s Way !


The decoding of AR Antulay reveals in to Abdul Rehman Antulay, Minister of Minority in India.  Population literally took time to understand the intention and identity of minister as his abbreviation and surname is a code in same way his statement about killing of Martyr Hemant Karkara by Hindu terrorism. It was baffling for most of the people to understand the intention and audacity of person to give and insist on the statement. The statement of minister is in sync with various statement emanating from Pakistan hence it is easily comprehendible where his vain in skull draws blood from ? Not only he insisted but backed by many high profile  torch bearer of secularism followed by grand reception in Mosque on Friday’s prayer close to parliament . He is still minister and will remain minister as his credentials as secularist has enhanced manifold and who bothers to dip stick the damage done to country by the babbling of minister in particular and government in general. There has been group raises the noise level post 26/11 on maintaining the secular credentials of nation , separation of in house Muslims from terrorist , aspersion on nationalist forces without tongue check  have gone mute rather attributing all the wounds inflicted to motherland to its own majority inhabitant who is biggest recipients of terror since advent of Islam towards AKHAND BHARAT. This leaves with no doubt and renders no option to conclude a sort of secularism is going to be practiced and will be practiced. It also closes doors of reform and dialogue in the nation and  shed all surprise to see more people from majority trailing the path of Sadhavi  Pragya and others because establishment has purposely failed to put national interest above its vote bank politics. Obscene is act of media and intellect that not only gone mum on issue but herd in to back patting of the minister and government. I even don’t want to mention the name of Prime Minister who doesn’t loose sleep on the acts of traitor by his own minister but smilingly decorate it as Human Error as if nation is his laboratory of erroneous experimentation of his aspiration . Even mentioning his name will ridicule the concept of nationhood and martyrs. 

The fallacy could be explained by analyzing two recent episode faced by congress one is created by Margret Alva and another by AR Antulay. The earlier one was sacked by party as she doesn’t belong to religion which can serve as major vote bank latter was awarded with continuance of ministry  because the latter is bigger and potent vote bank for secularist which is lead by none other than congress. It shows how desperate they are to capture the position of power and indicate towards stander of politics and vote. Can conclusion be drawn that people of this country don’t vote for well being of nation and what they are reaping is what they sow ? The answer could be somewhat in affirmation and will be explained with some recent and past instances. Lets start with recent one the election result of Delhi and Rajasthan,  some element in  media especially the English group climbed on top of the roof to proclaim  that defeat of BJP is due to communalizing  / politicalising of terror than any other issue hence the message stood  out is; “we hardly bother about loosing the life on account of terrorism”.

The last parliamentary election was fought between two major group one which propagate tough laws and action against terrorist and its perpetrators. The second group theorised soft and discriminating policy on terrorism. Unfortunately the second group came in to power which is presently ruling and had ruled the roost for most of the time post independence. Hence second group portrayed as if whole nation is there to be served to the terrorism which is diametrically opposite to the views of nation. This is consequences of voter not using grey cells before using their franchise. We as nation needs to priorities our agenda and reflect that in our voting pattern. I am not afraid of propagating that Hindus ought to act as a vote bank to fight the menace of vote bank politics to assert the national interest beyond any doubt. The language which politician understands in democracy is of power and chair. The day  we start pushing chair in and out from their underneath, the way Muslim do, the menace of minority appeasement will vanish like politician vanishing from public space post election. 

Antulay episode is the result of inter secular tussle between secularist to project themselves as champions of Muslim  on the face of series of mayhem  staged by terrorist and to pause the drift in Muslim vote from them post 26/11. Thus raising the suspicion among rest of the nation for Muslim ! Hardly any body among minority raises the voice against the episode those so diligently paralyses the nation on every occurrence of Taslima’s  expression of views , Right to womanhood of Shabano, encounter of terrorist in Batla House, USA reform of despot in Iraq and pages of such episode can be put forth for days to read . You can only change the functioning of others once you are functioning as a big and massive community. The cue should be taken from Gujurat where minoritism has been literally eliminated by enforcing Hindu vote bank that subsequently lead them to main stream. 

Message for us is to vote with purpose 
 Sudeep Singh