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On Antulay episode



From the comments posted by various readers, it seems that all the readers are socially well off and well educated. Considering this, I had expected something else from those esteemed readers. But their comments have only saddened me. If the educated Muslims think like this , I am appalled to think how the illiterate masses Might be thinking about the Mumbai terror attacks.

Have you ever thought that how much damage Mr.Antuley has caused to India on both at global level as well as at domestic level. He spoke the language of Pakistan. Dont you guys know that all the terrorists belong to Pakistan and this has been proved beyond doubt. Everything is recorded on Camera. Still Pakistan is living in denial mode. His hypocrisy was shattered when Pakistani media proved that Kasab belonged to Pak.Even after Lahore Bomb blasts, Pakistan blamed India.but soon Pakistani based terrorist groups took responsibility.

Many people believe and propagate that 9/11 was not executed by Taliban but by Israel and USA themselves.

Thanks God , No one including Mr.Antuley has said that Indian state with the secret connivance of US, Israel and RSS killed its own citizens.

Criticizing BJP is a different thing and you have every right to do so , but suggesting that BJP or some radical Hindu groups hired these terrorists make me wonder how you got this information. When the commanders of Jaise -e- Mohammad and Let and BJP/Bajrang Dal became friends and they planned to attack India.

Dear friends,it is a fact that our police system is not satisfactory at all. They also commit crimes by killing people in fake encounter. But, this does not mean that all the peace loving innocent people are behind bars and police pick up innocent people on a regular basis and kill them in fake encounter.

We are the victims of Terrorists attacks and bomb blasts killing innocent people have become the order of the day and all this is being done to save Islam. You must understand that there is global pattern of Terrorism which is being glorified in the name of Islam.

So , under this backdrop , there should be self-introspection on how to curb this menace and not denial. The terrorists groups are fighting not only with their arms but they also follow a certain ideology and they need to be defeated at both levels.

The former can be done by the state and the latter can only be done by the society, the people on whose name this is being propagated.

So , what is Mr.Antuley crime?He has broken the unity being shown by all the people across India and played down the serious debate about a burning issue. See the confidence and audacity of this Minister who said such things even when the Commissioner of Mumbai was a Muslim (Hasan Gafoor) and the Union Minister of State for Home was again a Muslim Shakeel Ahmad. Had the Police chief been the product of a school being run by RSS, Mr. Antuley would have shown his imagination power up to the hilt.But, he is a politician and he (or many politicians) can stoop to any extent but sadly, they have also got supporters like you.

It is mockery of all logics that when a group of Terrorists firing indiscriminately at mobs in an alien land are told to kill Mr.. Karkare on the spot as if someone was knowing them very well who told those terrorists to kill Mr. Karkare and How Mr. Antuley and you people came to know this.

Criticize BJP, criticize USA and their policy but don’t say something which is baseless. I also condemn Iraq policy of US and feel strong about this.

Lets be united in the war against terror.Why can't we think and behave like Amir , Khan,Shahrukha khan or Late Bismillah Khna.

Abhay Mishra