Letter of Appreciation



It is very appreciating news that International Banks / Financial Institutions are coming to Bihar  in the development of Infrastructure that is very poor but has  started to improve after coming Nitish Kumarji  in power . It is the foremost duty  of all Biharis/ Non Resident Biharis – whatever profession they are in and belong to any caste , religion, beliefs and  political groups – to create an atmosphere congenial only for the development due to lack of which we are suffering humiliation  and in recent times violence too.

It is good  news that all- party-delegation ,rising above all political differences, met many Union Ministers for the causes of the state which needs urgent  special attention and status for the revival of state and inclusive growth of country . Bihar has lot of potential to become hub of ITs, Medicines, Chemicals and Education. Time has come specially for three high profile Union Ministers Sh Laluji , Sh Ramvilashji, and Sh Raghuvansh Babu- all belong to Bihar-to do many things for home state which has been always neglected  in the field of public & private investment in existing geography of Bihar. People are watching with great expectation from all above mentioned stalwarts of Bihar.   

Ritu Parna


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