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My all optimism fails. The news coming from Bihar only shocks. I don't think there is any one in Bihar who can lead it to a civilized society and a developed state status. A minister and his son throw a senior legislator from the allied party down from a dais. A kid gets beaten and dies, as she picked some rotten 'lichis' from a garden.

After many months or perhaps the first time, I find the New Delhi Edition of Times of India of May 31, 2008 has provided one full page for the unique of Bihar.

Shitikanth, son of Dr. Arun Kumar and Dr. Anita Barnwal from Exhibition Road, Patna has topped IIT-JEE 2008- 11 years after Abhinav Kumar did the same in 1997. Shitikanth went through St Michael's High School for class X (93%)and XII (91%) CBSE examinations. As reported, he was in Kota's coaching institute for last two years. And naturally, the whole Patna- his friends, relatives and even CM are all trying to bask under his achievement.   

But more remarkable is the headline 'It's 30 on 30 for papad seller-turned tutor'. All the thirty students of Super-30 jointly initiated by Anand Kumar and IPS officer Abhayanand, succeeded in IIT-JEE 2008. Anand is "planning to select 500 IIT aspirants from across the country to coach them for next year's JEE, and all of them would be from underprivileged sections of the society". Another 39 students out of 70 coached at Kumar's Ramanujan School of Mathematics have also cleared the IIT-JEE 2008. It's certainly a great feat of dedicated endeavour. Can some one tell me how many students from Bihar gets into IITs this years or had been getting into IITs in last few years? With one more IIT starting in Bihar itself, attraction for IIT will further increase.

I am really excited with the news of Shitikanth as well as of Super-30. However, I don't like students resorting to Kota's coaching class for getting into IITs. I blame IITs for that. IITs would have devised ways and means to eliminate the need of coaching for succeeding in its entrance examination.

Further, most of these IITians would aspire to go to the management institutes such as IIMs or ISB to improve upon their entry salary offerings straight from the IITs and thereafter join financial houses or consultants. Why should they then train themselves in engineering and waste the national resources? If they don't have the interest in and aptitude for technology and engineering, they must not join IITs.   



Its a good news that Bihari students are doing thier best in IIT-JEE but like other state IITians Bihari IITians or other so called elite class of the society never try to return back to society . Please do not blame the Law & order because I know many London / UK trained doctors landing directly in Patna or Home district for the beterment of society. If Panjabi / Gujrati even Wstern UP elites can invest huge amount in thier native why not so called high acheivers of society .
No doubt , such neo rich never loose any opportunity to compare themselves with ex-Zamindars or Kings like Benaras Maharaja or Zamindars of Muzaffarpur but where is Philanthropy ???? Langat Singh never earned from Bihar but invested all his income in Bihar and gifted the society the best college L S College , Muzaffarpur and similar approach by others in all areas of Bihar .
If people like Dr J P Sinha ( educated in UK in 1940s ) Dr Sardendu Narain Sinha ( Educated in USA in 1948-52, University of Colrado ) never hesitate to serve the local institute for eg Sardendu Babu was director of local private engineering college in Patna till 2006 . Then why not people like me can work for betterment of our motherland ?
Unfortunetly , My father an educator always give lessons to others about how to improve BIHAR but always fail to encourage me and my sister who are enjoying a quality life in NCR and USA .
I am going to start a Gurukool in Bihar , How many NRI / NRB can dare to drop thier comfort for betterment of Bihar ???

Ranjan Rituraj Sinh , Indirapuram