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The Online Bihartimes has been playing a remarkable role by publishing readers’ opinions in the form of articles and commentaries on Bihar related issues in particulars and India’s in general.  This Forum gives an ideal opportunity to readers to discuss issues and exchange views so that a right approach to the issue can be applied. Open discussion and free views expression are strongest tolls for correct decision-making.

We enjoy some time our rights too deep to remember the norms and discipline of freedom of expression. I take the comments of Mr. Khan openheartedly and with pleasure. I am pleased that he has given me an opportunity to further discuss the issue and to address the concerns. People generally fail to understand things, which bad effects are felt in the long run as its immediate seemingly temporal good results cover it. There are many examples of that. A man fills up his stomach due the deliciousness of foods but its bad effects can be felt later, which may result in the stomach disorder. If such activity continues, chance of multiple diseases development like cholesterol, acidity, blood sugar, blood pressure increases. Further, it reduces the life expectancy.

Secondly, many actions fail to rectify a situation because it develops in the society too slow to understand its causes. Sometime we understand it but we hesitate to address it as it has already deep-rooted in the society and people are accustomed of it.  We also sometime hesitate to address it as it has developed due to our wrong policy taken years back.

Mr. Khan should clear himself that man and woman are not equal in creation. Hence, if we apply our science without understanding the Creator’s science we can do many mistakes. May I ask him only one question before attending to his concerns, that will he accept to see his mother and sister taking hardship to go for work to feed their children/husbands while the father or brother-in-laws are sitting idle?  If he says yes, then I cannot say but to pray for his guidance. If he says both of them should work, then he should know that many Indian fathers and brothers-in-laws are jobless to feed their children and wives. Many have been waiting to become fathers and brothers-in-laws but the unemployment is a big hindrance for them. Is it not immoral (it may be some time Haram depending on the situation) if a mother or a sister occupies a job that should go first to a father or a brother-in-laws?

Mr. Khan also lacks the knowledge of his own religion, Islam. In no case, a mother will be asked to feed her children. If a father dies, such responsibility goes to the grandfather. In the absence of the grandfather it goes to the uncle (brother of the father), in his absence it goes to the elder brother of the children. In all their absence, it goes to the ruler or his representative. If somebody comes forward to help them they are most welcome and their actions will be appreciated.

In India, many poor women are working as house maids / cleaners, etc. Most of them working because their husbands are lazy, i.e., not going for work. Some husbands are going but spent their earnings in evil activities and intoxicant. In such situation, mothers cannot see dying themselves and their children of hunger. Hence, they are compelled to go out for money.

Women have not been prohibited from working but at the same time, they have not been made responsible to feed their husbands and children. Option for women to work kept open as they might be, in certain situations, in need of money to support the family. One of the examples is women working as house-maids mentioned above. A husband can also ask his wife to support him in his business, if he cannot afford to hire a man to support him.

As for the general education, women must be given same opportunity to have it as they, being mothers, can play better roll in bring up the children who can then build a society full of moral values. As for job-oriented education, it should go first to men. 

When the deprivation is experienced, the necessity of reservation is felt.  A society built on equality and justice has no place for deprivation. A job for men is necessity while it is optional for women. If the necessity is ignored, the essence of the pleasant society will be lost.

Women should be given jobs but not at the cost of men and not at the expense of losing their decency and modesty. Keeping view of the above identification of places for women to work can be easily made.