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This refers to the success story Bihar State hardly generated in the past and present, but it is true now. The dark cloud has now finally started clearing the sky and ray of hope is visible. I am overwhelmed to read this new development. Yes, I am talking this time about the Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd., (BRPNNL) celebrated 33rd anniversary since its incorporation in 1975, but to me it was actually 3rd anniversary of BRPNNL for all-practical purposes of the foundation day of BRPNNL. The gala function organized by BRPNNL on Thursday, 12th June 2008 with cheerful employees in well newly stitched dress code alongside its Chairman Mr. Pratyaya Amrit and CEO Mr. Khurshid Ahmed (Advantage Media) were present with Shri Nitish Babu, Dy. CM Mr. Modi, bureaucrats and other high profile cabinet colleagues and officers all smiling and showering all-praise for BRPNNL employees, staff, colleagues and support of their family members whose earning members at BRPNNL were going without salaries for months in the darken days.
It needs to be mentioned that during the tenure of previous state government's long 15 years rule, the BRPNNL was on verge of collapse and there was a strong belief of the government that this giant BRPNNL should be liquidated, but this time also, all credit to India's only technocrat (if I am right) Chief Minister of Bihar State who wanted to give a chance to BRPNNL and entrusted them with various Bridge works, river bridge works, road construction work including Mukhya Mantri Pul and Sarak Nirman Yojna worth whopping Rs 2,700 crores, which BRPNNL never got in its 33 years of history since established on 11th June 1975.
I quote Nitish Babu as saying in the function, "It is only a matter of time before BRPNNL will be executing projects in other states and may be out of country and further commented that bridging the gaps in the society will make Bihar stronger and prosperous".  At BRPNNL's side, the full credit not only goes to its Chairman Mr. Amrit and Mr. Ahmed (CEO-Advantage Media for event management, highlighting BRPNNL), but all its employees, labourers, Engineers, Consultants who tirelessly worked for the past three years and made BRPNNL is one of strongest state owned Bridge Construction Company. The BRPNNL is now very much capable to undertaking bridge construction works in adjoining states (as claimed) and days are very near when one can find BRPNNL undertaking bridge construction works all-over India and abroad possibly in neibouring overseas countries.
The extremely hard work of BRPNNL further confirms that the BRPNNL once had 17 crore loss, has now earned 35 crore profit.  The Chairman, Mr. Amrit quoted as saying, "we have come out of debt to a condition of abundance due to sheer diligence of the team and support from the government". There is no doubt that changes is now visible in Bihar State, but I warn all those that please do not expect over-night development, as development is a process and it takes its own time but full of genuine effort and regular hard work is required to see the same visible every where.
Further, I have seen and read in various newspapers quoted opposition party leaders (I do not want to name them) saying, that Nitish government is failed on all front. I take serious note of it and would in turn would like to remind them to kindly re-visit your 15 years time and analyse the situation with current prevailing situation. What a mess that was and shame for we Biharees??? A Chief Minister used to sign at dotted place only, marked by the officials without understanding what was that? Those were darken days for Bihar State. One of my colleague from Tamil Nadu stated that they are pathetic people running the state and thrown out the people of Bihar to further poverty and chaos.
At last but not the least, the Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd., once lost its glory like our state has definitely came out of dark ages. I am sure under the wise leadership of Nitish Babu, like BRPNNL other departments will also share and shoulder its responsibility towards building a new Bihar, which is a "motto" of Nitish Babu. This can be possible only if sincere and honest approach is made towards this.
My heartiest congratulations to BRPNNL's family members, employees, its Chairman and CEO for the great turnaround and I further wish all the very best to BRPNNL. Keep up good work and remember not to compromise with quality over quantity. The quality of work will be appreciated than the quantity.  They can further apply for ISO certification, in order to further positive impact on strengthening BRPNNL which will recognize them all-over India and the abroad.
Mohammad Yasar Imran
Muscat, Oman



I fully agree with your views. Really Nitish govt. is doing a fantastic job in the state. Be it infrastructure development or improvement in education system, administration, law & order, the changes are visible. I congratulate the CM and their all the ministers for this splendid and honest effort. Who says that Bihar will not develop ? Now we all Biharis can proudly say that our state is also developing and it will become one of developed state very soon.
My only concern with congress (claimed to be biggest in India and claims all the credit for development in India) Lalu and party is they did nothing in their 15 years of rule (misrule), but also always proving to be a hinderance in the development of the state. It proves their mentality and what actually they wanted all these years. They never wanted to see Bihar as a developed state. I also wonder and ashamed of business man of Bihar who sells their product in Lalu's name. Now I am hearing about Lalu Mango. This proves that how cheap and selfish Lalu is ? He just want his name to be printed everywhere. A big Shame.
But now their days are gone and Nitish ji and their council of ministers are doing fantastic job and I wish them all the best. Keep up the good work for the state.