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Raj Thackaey Phenomenon  



Raj Thackeray is the product of utter desperation of Congress headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. After fractured mandate of last Lok Sabha election Mrs. Gandhi and her Congress party have behaved in most irresponsible manner . She and her party did great contempt to Indian nation by first appointing a Prime Minister which people of India, although respected as an honest and learned person, never accepted as real CEO of India which a Prime Minister should be an must be. Then she gobbled desperate leaders likes, communists, Lalu and Karunanidhi. All of them have only one thing in common , they harbor ambitions far disproportionate to their ability. As if that was not enough she appointed disgruntled old politicians like Arjun Singh, Shivraj Patil, Pranab Mukherjee etc. on key political and administrative positions. Not less to say about our learned Finance minister for whom Indian economy is about share market and share market is Indian economy.

Now this has become a dangerous mix threatening the  very existence of India as one country. In the name of social justice and secularism the Congress party has sown  and nurtured seeds of hatred and mistrust in our society. Every political party and individuals within every political parties  has been lured  to change their allegiance  with the sole motive for the Congress and the UPA to survive  in power. Otherwise, how will one explain Mr. Rane and Mr. Nirupam,  the most vocals Sonia baiters, to join Congress. I am not suggesting that  one can not and should not change his or her political affiliation, but the manner and at the time this happened is definitely suspicious.

I view, the drama of Marathi cause of Mr. Raj Thackeray and apathetic  attitude of Govt. of Maharashtra to tackle him with suspicion. It is a known fact that about a million illegal Bangladeshi  immigrant laborers live in Marashtra and most of them are  in cities like Mumbai, Pune , Nashik etc. When Mr. Raj Thackeray was  in Shiv Sena he had made this a prime issue on a number of occasions, then why is he not talking about illegal Bangladeshis? Do laborers from Bihar and U.P. pose more danger to Maharashtra and illegal Bangladeshis?  No, he is carrying a different agenda. He is trying to split Shiv Sena?s Marathi vote to make it easier for the Congress-NCP to win next election.  If he takes up the issue of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants with the same vigor and the ruling Congress-NCP  of Maharashtra do not tackle him , the combine will loose Muslim vote bank.  Even if you see the pattern , Mr. Raj Thackeray  and his gang is attacking poor Bihari and U.P. Hindus selectively.

Through this letter I appeal to Mr. Raj Thackeray; ?Please be rational and relevant. Do not get blinded by jealousy even if you did not get the position which you deserved within Shiv Sena. If you return to Shiv Sena ( I do not know how!) you stand better chance to shine than helping Congress to destroy Shiv Sena. If Mrs. Sonia  Gandhi?s congress come to power one more  time in center and in Maharashtra , it will be a different India and Maharashtra of course Indians and Marathis will be there in some form, but it will be very difficult for you  to find place in the changed  polity.

Dr. B.M.Prasad