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Great Indian Minds & Dreams 


Anand Kashyap 



(Bihar Times) Great Indian minds have roared again and broken myths like brain drain and corruption everywhere. They proved that in spite of heinous actions in all over the country there are few places where few talented minds are determined to bestow a new world to humanity.  
In last few days, we have seen two different faces of India. First one says about heinous discriminatory actions and another shows desperation to explore a new earth. Perhaps, a bunch of great minds are also looking for a world where love-affection and humanity lives. Yes, this is time to cheer as India’s maiden moon adventure is about to touch its ultimate destination.  
This successful endeavor of ISRO has prominently broken myths like brain drain, technical inefficiency, infrastructure, etc. On the contrary, its backstage story has certainly exposed negligence and unfair attitude of our national leaders and ministry. For instance, ISRO has used its own weather forecasting instrument and it worked hundred percent accurate. But, unfortunately our leaders still feel that Russian technology is better than this one. Oh! We missed to understand that after all politics is a high-profile business and how these so called honorable leaders can can miss a profit making chance.  
We do hope that no more such business deal should leak otherwise it will simply lower down the confidence of our scientist & we would be compelled to experience one more conspiracy and one more dirty political game. This mission has also remained significant in establishing the concept that extremely talented Indian brains are still here in India. Just imagine the scenario when our all scientists will be back here because a survey suggests that approximately 36% scientists in NASA are Indians. So, certainly ISRO can be a big challenge for the supremacy of NASA on global domain. 
In mean time, Indian government approved Chandrayaan II and sanctioned approximately 425 crores rupees. It would be certainly proved as energy capsule for all talented great minds who are determined to rewrite a new Indian history above and over the sky somewhere in different universe. Let’s say ‘best of luck & god bless you’.