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Lessons to our politicians from the world of cricket



(Bihar Times) Wise men retire under two circumstances. First when they are at the peak of their career and second when they are confirmed that their successor has arrived. Those who don't follow this philosophy create a mess of their professional as well as personal life. Moreover they bring shame to the very profession they are concerned with. Cricketing world is full of examples to prove my argument. We had cricketers like Steve Waugh, McGrath, Gilchrist and others who retired when they were at the peak or were performing better than ever. Then we have the recent example of Anil Kumble who retired when he was confirmed that there is a successor. This decision makes him a wise man of cricket forever. But then this is the world of sports and it is the sportsmanship which makes them able to take such hard decisions as no one like to leave the thing which he likes the most.
Sadly politics is no sports and there is no sportsmanship as hence politicians are seldom wise as no one retire. They continue to cling to politics even if their acts bring widespread criticism or causes grave harm to the nation. Even in their worst form they continue and the more able vibrant successors get spoiled. We have the example of our current leadership. They have failed in justifying their job. The internal security of the nation has gone asunder. Trends of balkanization have emerged in the country, as said by Professor CP Bhambri (in yesterdays Pioneer) while the leaders have been busy championing their appeasement agenda. To add to this worry the economy of the country is also not in good shape though the top leadership specializes in this vocation.
In cricket if a bowler or a batsmen fail to justify his/her position in the team then he has to retire. But in politics they never entertain such ideas. Here is an advice to our dear and respected Prime Minister. The country needs a leader who is specialist in politics at the top. As the man who is specialized in politics will be able to take some strong decisions and if our PM is not a specialist in politics then why doesn't he retire and start a trend of bringing sportsmanship/ politymanship to the world of politics.

Rajeev Kumar, New Delhi