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Don’t play politics, make a new Bihar



Some times ago Bihar was called the Roor of India. It was the gold mine for different minerals. With the separation of Jharkhand the situation changed.
In ancient time people from different countries used to come to study in Nalanda University. At that time Bihar was the knowledge enhancement centre. Now the situation is quite different. Bihari students go outside Bihar for technical and higher education. There is neither a central university nor a CSIR lab in Bihar now. There is only one ICMR lab at Patna in Bihar. Bihari students pay more than thousand crore rupees per month to other states for education. In other states there are so many private colleges of engineering, medical and management but lacking of these types of institutions in Bihar. Common people of Bihar also go outside the state in search of employment. As we have seen our youths are beaten by activists of Maharastra Nav Nirman Sena without any solid reason only to obtain political gain. Some time ago Bihari labourers were beaten in Gauhati in Assam. Bihari word is used for derogation. In a scientific conference, a scientist made a comment on the organizer that is you a Bihari? You don’t know manners. Why these happenings occur with Bihar people? In my opinion a state or a country is identified by its leaders. In last twenty years Bihar was led by those people that were expert in mockery. They never thought that their actions and activities are affecting the recognition of common mass.
In the present scenario all political stalwarts are requested to unite for the development of Bihar and fight against those people who are against Bihari people and re-establish our lost identity.
Those things that are required for the development of Bihar are proper management of agriculture, qualitative improvement in education, permission to establish technical institutes, elimination of power problem and flood control. Although present government has taken some steps in the improvement of infrastructure particularly in the field of education, health and roads but still some more efforts are required.Bihari doctors, engineers, teachers, professors, scientists and contractors are also requested to think and contribute in the development of Bihar.

Sudhir Kumar
Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
Endocrinology Div.
Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI)