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Nitish Kumar's Last Three Years



The politics of Bihar has changed from 'social justice' to 'development with justice' in recent time. Nitish ji fought 2005 elections with a manifesto of 'development with justice', won and come to power. I wouldn't say that he has completely disappointed the people of Bihar. He has infact became more popular. My village, which is in Patna district 5 km west of Punpun, was electrified 15 years back. Initially there used to be power hardly 10-15 hours per week. But now its more then 16 hrs per day, which is not that bad. It has happened after 2005. But the roads have not changed there. I am going to file a RTI application to inquire about it.

Nalanda open university has started courses in Magahi, Bhojpuri, Maithili. There are government agencies and NGOs which are doing studies related to historical and social aspect of Bihar. South Bihar once known for Naxal conflict has calmed down. Pipra massacre had happened near my village in 70s. The village roads were considered unsafe, after evening, till very recently.

According to Dr Shaibal Gupta from Asian Development Research Institute(ADRI), Patna, "The laws of the market, celebrated by capitalism as the biggest force of integration, are constrained in Bihar by the state's enormous feudal baggage. And the interplay of this feudal baggage and the speculative logic of decadent capitalism is daily drawing the state into the vortex of growing chaos and anarchy. Presiding over the alarming descent is Bihar's own combination of a brutalised civil society and a … criminalised … state system. Anarchism of either militant or peaceful variety, practised through armed squads or reformist NGOs, is hardly able to make any difference to this larger picture of anarchy, disorder, loot and oppression. But there is another side to the Bihar story. It is a highly politicised society, and there are major mobilisations of the rural poor for land and liberty, for subsistence, social dignity and basic political rights. These mobilisations are frequently dismissed (not least in the Indian press) as 'Naxalite' and therefore as reflecting ill-considered left wing adventurism. This mis-represents their sustained support by and for low caste, assetless rural people, and their positive programmes for their rights."

It's definitely not a one man show. The election theme 'development with justice' wouldn't change to just 'development' till we have the last trace of social inequalities in the society faced by powerful electoral groups. In past it was OBCs and now it would be SC/STs or Naxals. The politics of Bihar has begun to change and we have a long way to go. Education has the potential of making our society prosperous and free. Investments in this sector will show its results, 20 to 30 years later.
Manoj Kumar



I fully concur with CM's assettion/ list of innovative ideas being implemented is long
Infrastructure sector
(1) Earlier we had corrupt contractors in cohorts with Lalojee's powerful satraps not even  building road and claiming next year that it was actually built but flood wiped it out.
Nitish kukmar changed that by making sure contractors operate the road for five years  on lines of BOT.
Certain top-notch MNCs have been roped in to ascertain the wquality of roads being built.
Since there is no room for sub-standard raw material being utliised I have seen roads built in my village braving 2 years of flood wihtout getting wiped out
(2) Student:teacher ratio was abysmal and in a big way this has been rectified and still process is on. Best thing was to give preference to female candidates. Male teachers in my view are more laciadiscal in their responsibility. moreover empowering women always augurs well in the long run. I have seen first hand many a wife abuser turning into dove once their wives got to know her rights.
One of the better offshoot of thsi was that for the first time we saw in Bihar girls getitng offers for marriage sans dowry.
(3) Even in panchayat body large scale introudction of women officials has helped mitigate corruption
(4) Bihar's RTI call-centre is big hit all over India. As a Bihari you feel proud when whole world is looking upto you.
(5)Many sick sugar mills are once again operating. Food processing sector is coming up.

I only wish that we Biharis do nopt fall for the gimmicks of Shri laloo prsad yadav and let Nitish Kumar continue with his groundwork. We need at least three terms of Nitish Kumar to undo all the regressive measures taken by Laloojee.



I can easily remember the 22nd November 2005 when Bihar aasembly election were out and like any common Indian we all were very enthusiastic towards our new future in Bihar . Now , this government has completed more than 1000 days i.e. 3rd Anniversary . Too Many promises , Too Many Politics and at last we are once again on same point from where we srarted our journey with new government .

Unfortunetly , due to own weakness this government has given enough opportunity to opposition , but once again its the bad luck of Bihar electorate that they don't have a strong opposition political wing .

We all agree that to run a state like Bihar is not easy but more than 1000 days as ruling Bihar is also not enough short to say "Sorry" to citizen . We could have changed many things . In the era of open economy , our government still engaged in opening engineering colleges / medical schools and recruitments of teachers . Does this reflect the situation in Bihar that No One wants to take entry in Bihar education Market OR Biharis are still desperate to get government jobs ? No other state in India have invested peoples' hard earned money ( Tax) in education but open their gate for better managed private players . Many of State government institution failed to get suitalble teachers. Nitish's own pet project like Chandragupta mangament School recruitment ad can be seen every second months . Medical School are lacking teachers of required standard and Bihar primier medical school PMCH is not having a permanent principal yet . So , In this condition Bihar government will run its own newly recruited schools or prefessional / technical institutions .

Roads condtions are pathetic . Even after 1000 days government failed to provide a better look of its own capital i.e. Patna . Many times we have seen much reshuffiling in administration giving a negative signal to able officers . Honest ministers like Sri C M Rai were dropped without any reason . Drama in Bihar police was played by journalist . journalist with much low moral have all rights to cross thier limits .

August 18th , 2008 T-Sunami of Bihar is still a big question on governance .

On Political ground , Nitish Kumar is in hurry to win over minority but many senior politicians and journalist says "MY" is still with LALU while PASWAN can easily enter the Brahmin/Rajput/ Bhumihar vote banks what he did in february 2005 election .

But major worry is Non residents Bihari still cold to take major participation in Development of Bihar . Is Nitish failed to attract them ?



Dear Mukhiya Jee

It is easy to criticise...but it is difficult to build
There is an old adage" Rome was not Build in a Day"
And it applies to Bihar as well...
There have been huge improvements in the area of Health Care and even road conditions have seen land mark improvement
So I take your post in bad taste
It is actually sad that Biharis are such poor marketers...
First they marketed poor image of the state everywhere they went...
Bihars took pride about the lawlessness in the state!!!
Today when others speak in same tone about our state, we feel bad !!!
What an irony???
The biggest achievement of this government is that it understands what marketing is!!!
It is trying to build an image of the state
The only news that was published in national newspapers after Nitish Kumar completed his three years was on crime check in the state (using fast track courts...) and people noticed it...
Image Building and Branding !!!
Problems exist everywhere in the world and development/infrastructure/law and order is an issue everywhere
But does that mean that Bihar has to pay the price time and again on these accounts becoz its learned people are the biggest illiterates on marketing
I have seen the complete crop of politicians Bihar has ever produced...from Mishras to Yadavs
And I bet Nitishji is the best of the lot
You must appreciate his efforts atleast when his government has completed 1000 days
Last but not the least, Bihar is not only Patna or PMCH or Patna University
Look beyond Patna, and you will find change !!!
And if you don't then I think yours is too special a case too discuss
Journalists/People in India have too much freedom to speak and in recent times they have used this liberty to disadvantage of the community
Your post is a classic example of this misused liberty
I have seen people and websites providing details on successful biharis
Even your blog has one...
However most of them are not enterpreneurs and can do little other than charity for their state
IITians and AIIMS is not what has taken Gujaratis or Parsis or Punjabis forward and neither is Modi or Gandhi or Yadav
Maharashtra has produced plenty of IITians but they are still fighting for grade IV jobs with Biharis
And ask a Mumbaikar...Gujaritis and not Maharashtrians rule Mumbai
It is the enterpreneurship ...and social dynamics that matters and for that to change...1000 days is too short a time
I am a NRB and I don't see any reason to invest in Bihar...
You want NRBs to invest just becoz we are NRBs
It is business my dear and faster Bihars learn the trick of the game...the better it will be for the state
Yes the way Nitishji is working, investments will come in after next 4 years...not before that...
I know few NRBs who have launched/planning to launch
How succesful they will be...time will tell !!!
But unlike hundreds of web sites on Bihar, they are not a charitable trust and there is no hall of fame
Business and not charity will carry the state forward...

Abhishek Kumar


Dear Abhishek,
I have very simple question here in your support.
Give our Big hand support to any one who is coming to help Bihar either Railway, Fertilizer minstry or Bihar Goverment or Bihar Media.
1) They are raising --why Bihari's are working on RS 2500 . My question
is why not they ask EX Goverment . what it left for us. Only " Barh,Balu
or aaloo "
What kind of Input you have given to this Nitish Goverment & from that input what kind of Out put we are expecting in short while.
2) Can any one in this world (forget about Biharis capabilities ) turn this around in this short period to a heaven.
3) what this goverment got is Hell & expecting heaven (out put) in two years. Which formula derived can transfer low enrgy into upper most energy
in a short while.
we as a engineer do not understand . My question is from the person who is raising question is , name any module , formula, country which turned around in this short while.
4) For a long time i been in USA but i studied from Patna . I born & brought up in Patna
I daily watch Bihar news specially Bihar Times & i know better every thing about Bihar we do not need information about what going on in & around Bihar from some one in person.
5) If opposition leader & minister praising Bihar . Like i would like to
refer Ambumani Ramadosh remarks. Why Panchayti raj is being duplicated
in other state.
6) How we got IIM equivalent Institute in Patan & who Brought. I never had even dream about such an institutes.
I would request all Political leaders & all intelectual of Bihar Please co-operate these ongoing development & be a part of it rather than criticizing it.
I request bihar times editor Pls put this post.
Dhananjay Sharma


Mukhiyajee you are being unfair to Nitish Kumar. Judge him in relative terms. I too have grievances in fact I have written how our BPSC still is being run in cavalier manner. You can check my comments on this site.
I am aware the most honest minister Chandra Mohan Rai who happens to be my distant relative was unceremoniously dropped. but that was BJP's internal politicking Sushil modi along with Radha Mohan Singh did that coup because C. M. Rai was becoming very popular for his honesty. HE is one of those leaders who never lost election even when Laloojee was on rampage.

Still Nitish Kumar govt is on right track. Let us not put spanner in his efforts and bring back Laloo mis-rule.



Dear Abhishek

It seems you are spokesperson of JD(U) or Sri Nitish Kumar . Any way , I have not taken any liberty or a special case . Just as a Bihari or NRB , I expressed my views .

I have seen many comments from Sri Nitish Kumar about good jobs in Health but its own best minister was dropped . The person who initiated Speedy Trials was shunted . The person who formed JD(U) was sidelined . Lets accept , Its all Politics .

Now come to health - Many of state owned Medical Colleges are not having Principal . Everyday Govt come with new idea in Newspaper . For example , Opening of Pathological Diagnostic Centre in every district / block on cheap rates and contract was given to someone close to Govt . At present , None on these cenres are running but in Media . The very first proposal to invest Rs 800 crores in Healthcare by a group of Bihari doctors has not been been cleared yet .

Bihar is not only PU / Patna University but at same time everyone knows How Govt went slow in KOSI deluge .

What happened to SONALIKA TRACTORS ?
What happened to APOLO HOSPITAL ?
What happened to Bharti Brothers initiated projects in agro based industry ?

There are thousands of such examples . I don't doubt Nitish intention as a CM but I am Doubting Thomas to analyse Nitish as a Politician from NALANDA .


Dear Mukhiya Jee

I am not a spokeperson of any political party and neither intend to become one. My reply is the reply of common man
Thanks to Bihar Times for expressing views of common man like me. I never expected my reply to be posted
Anyways pls find my reply against your comments below
It is all politics ( Senior minister dropped etc) ::: It has to be politics becoz we are talking about politicians. Lets be pratical
About Sonalika Tractors etc ::: All Industries you have named don't even figure in the list of companies that can make a difference to Bihar. I don't know under what circumstances they left.However I hope that there was no singurur by Bihar opposition leaders.
Presence of  Lalla companies with no corporate social responsibility makes no difference to any state 
And 800 crore investment from NRB doctors in Bihar...must be a joke or a ploy to plunder more money. This is the image everyone has of Bihar today!!! And you are adding to that image...Keep going !!!
About giving contracts to people close to government: It happens everywhere from USA to UK to name me a place where this is uncommon. Atleast somebody is getting the contract in Bihar!!!I am happy with that development...
Slow in Kosi Deluge ::: Overall his work in this region is commendable
You have just one point...he was slow to begin ...why can't you say that money provided by Center was utilised by the government...And there was no large scale scam with flood relief booty.
No Principals in colleges::: I have been meeting many of these pricipals in many of these institutes. And trust me it is better to have none that have such principals. The standard and their approach is so poor. Like in one medical college principal remarked that my students post class will leave for Khaini and gutka...who will listen to you??? I thought he was a doctor and principal of a medical college...Goodness Save Bihar from such Principals...better have none than have them
For info, Nitish Kumar has appointed good people at good places and he had brought back various honest officers who were under shunting posting in Laloo government
Last but not the least,  common man with no political vindictiveness praises him for his efforts...Join our brigade
Abhishek Kumar



Your thaughts are more emotional rather practical. Its good that Bihar came out of 15 years of lawlessness and less development but we shouldn't forget our rights. Its good we came out from previous regime and got marginally better regime than others. First two years were very happy because whatever were seeing was atleast better than previous one. But we can't be blackmailed that accept whaterver I do or else u will get the past one. Its three years. In another two years next round of elections will be and you never know. Nitish Kumar should come out with Nalanda's CM. I am surprised to see your opinion on Sonalika tractor, 800 crore investment etc.

You said "The biggest achievement of this government is that it understands what marketing is!!!"

This marketing makes online gossipers proud while talking image, bihar etc.
This should have been smallest rather biggest. Biggest could have been
1) His Marketing tacts could have brought huge investment,
2) Law and order fully controlled
3) Naxal menace fully controlled
4) Infrastructure very good

But there is no such thing except that "yaa it is better than previous one at least"

We all jump comparing with Gujrat, Maharashtra bla bla. Its good to write on blogs and websites, groups etc.. But reality is the same. Still people migrate to Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Bangalore to do which they could have done there as well. In 2500 to 3000 Rupees per month money you will find many Biharis standing on gates of various buildings as security guard in all the cities of India. Can't these people have oportunity to earn 2500 to 3000 per month in Bihar. Imagine what they would have been saving.

Chiranjiv Singh