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Raj Thackeray and Mumbai Terror

Pradeep Rai


More than 58 hours have passed since terror struck Mumbai. It is still continuing in an ongoing battle. More than 150 people have been killed. Those killed include few Britons, some Israelis, and may be some American(s), but definitely majority of those killed are Marathis. I wonder with awe what the savior of Marathi Pride has been doing in last 58 hours. Mumbai beckons him.

Raj Thackeray considers himself to be the benefactor of the local Marathi population (Marathi Manoos). Throughout the year 2008 he gave umpteen rhetorical speeches against people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; these include statements against actor Amitabh Bachchan and the Mumbai Police Commissioner.  He blamed north Indians immigration into the state of Maharashtra as the reason for a shortage of jobs for the native Maharashtrians. At the peak of his agitation, he was holding three press conferences in a day even when banned by the court to do so. In the hour of need, however, he has decided to keep his mouth shut. In the hour of crisis, when Marathi Pride is at stake, he has gone into hibernation. Where are he and his supporters who were beaming with pride against north Indians? Where is his Sena, which successfully fled north Indians from various parts of Maharashtra? They were seen with guns, sticks, and batons in several parts of the state earlier this year.  When Mumbai really needs them, they all have gone into hiding.  When required to stand up to the face of the terror, the Raj Thackeray battalion is mum. This is really shocking.

Raj Thackeray has not hold any press conference since Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 10:00 pm IST. On October 19, 2008, Minister of Railways Lalu Prasad Yadav called Thackeray a 'mental case' because of attacks on non-Marathi job seekers attempting to take the railway board examinations by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activists. Raj Thackeray justified the attacks saying that recruitment ads were not placed in the local language newspapers. I wonder what Raj Thackeray has to say about the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Or did the terrorists timely place their ads in the local language newspapers? I must admit that I concur with what Lalu Prasad Yadav said on October 19, 2008.

Raj Thackeray is a politician with his own selfish interests. His sole motives are electoral gain and CM chair. He does not give a damn about the Marathi people. Where are his tall promises for the cause of Marathi Pride? Isn't he the one who loves Mumbai from the bottom of his heart, the one who is true Marathi, the one who was ready to lay his life for the Marathi Pride? Where is he now? Isn't he the person of double standards? When Mumbai is in trouble, when Mumbai is calling its son of the soils, why Raj Thackeray is sleeping? He is a coward. He plays dirty politics. He does not care about Marathis at all. His only job is to create misunderstanding between middle class Indians. Narrow minded politicians like Raj Thackeray promote regionalism for self gain. His divide and rule policy is making India vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

In the coming days or week, I am pretty sure Raj Thackeray will hold a press conference with one or more of the following statements:

1.       Inefficient dispatch of Army and NSG commandos by the center to the terror hot spots

2.       Inefficient handling of available resources by the state government

3.       Had he been the CM of Maharashtra, 26/11 would have never happened.

Hello, Mr. Raj Thackeray! Didn't you earlier say that you are a warrior of Maharashtra? You are another Shivaji? Why blame others? What are your responsibilities? What did you do in the face of terror attacks?

I do sincerely sympathize with families of victims. I do truly feel sorry for the residents of Mumbai, irrespective of their native state. But, I do want to ask what Raj Thackeray is up to, where is he now, where is his Marathi Pride, where is his love for Maharashtra, why does not he come in front of the terrorists to save Mumbai?

Long Live India, which includes Mumbai.

Jai Hind.





A wonderful article narrating the true story ,and showing the face of the rat who did not come out of his hibernation, where was me Raj when mumbai and infact whole india was bleeding?
the author has rightly mentioned that now Raj will call for news confernce asking pertinet questions, mentioned in the article down the line,what else can be expected from such a coward. who divided the nation on regional grounds?

Mr Ahmed had written in bihar times earlier, the Bal-RAJ syndrome, today the nation has got the answer and such an infective agent(the brazen politician& corrupt beurocrats) should be permanently eradicated from the face of the political system.

Now when the God father of Mr RAJ(Bala saheb deshmukh) has gone , will he be able to play such a brazen politics in future at mumbai? i feel only the time will show, But why do we blame only a coward like Rajthakrey for his brazen attitude? what ex-home minster of mahrashtra said, ? what CM of kerala said to the father of the martyr? what spokesperson of BJP(mr naqvi) commented to a common man? why wife of martyr ATS chief refused to accept one crore rupees from Gujrat CM, Narendra modi? It was the same people (so called rashtravadi) who were demanding the Nraco analysis of our honest ATS team who lost there life in the service of the nation.why do we forget another coward MR shivraj patil, ex-home minister, God willing they will live in shame and will die in shame

coward will remain coward, the nation has seen their ugly faces, and soon the truth will be evident, the blood of innocent will not go invain.


Dr Anwer Ahsan
Dammam, ksa


We agree with Sri. Raj somehow that Maharashterians get priority in Mumbai for getting job etc, similarly Biharis get priority to get same in Bihar. We should not be in any doubt of it because it is natural due to the closeness, and priority-giving to the closeness is not wrong as long as distant relatives or friends are not victimized or made injustice to them.

Regarding Mumbai terroristic activity, let us be honest with us. Every action has certain goals. Let the Investigating Authority impartially find out the goal behind this terrorist attack in Mumbai where Maligoan Investigators like ATS chief was killed, few hours after he got the threat. It is very unfortunate that our honest, sincere and professional officers are targeted while architects of terrorism are at free move. Terrorists, who can be from any part of the world get the due punishment and those who are on their back morally and financially are at loose. Our sincere Salam is to such officers who did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the cause of India.

Any big terrorist operation whether it is in India or outside cannot be performed without the local high-level logistic and financial support. Do you thing 9/11 can be had without the local support, so is the Mumbai/11. Terrorists got free sea access to reach Mumbai while non-country fishermen are caught fishing. A tourist needs guides to visit Mumbai but a terrorist knows each locations of Mumbai, including inside areas of the hotels. It is unfortunate that the mastermind of the terrorist operation are not identified or identified but kept it secret so that the blame can be leveled to the weaker section or to the one who is supposed to be a target.

Unless we do not know the basic of anything, we cannot come to a right conclusion. In order to understand the above let us have a very brief detail. Facts knowing are most important as mind acts based on information we get. If wrong got, mind will think wrong and accordingly action will be in error. As a result, chaos and injustice will prevail in the society.

West wants to lead the world. For this purpose, they ruled whole world but people have awaken and kicked them out from their lands. This was a great setback to the West. Then, two superpowers have emerged, US and Russia. Since then, US is being indirectly ruled by Jews. Jews, who are famous for their intellectual capabilities but in evil (famous for hypocrisy) are wisely ruling the whole world capturing our minds, i.e. today we are mental slave to them. Latter (metal slavery) is more dangerous than the former (ruling by capturing one's land).

If we go back to the history and refer to the books of God we can come to know about them in details like they were cursed by the God for their openly going for disobedience to the God. One of the disobedience is "not to give up their hypocritical activities". The curse includes they will not be having a peaceful dwelling in this world; this is in addition to the punishment to be had after death. That is why none wants to have them as their neighbors. History witnesses that they are always been kicked out from one place to another.

They cannot see anybody or nation to be superior to them. They became successful in making Russia broken. After Russia, Islam or Islamic countries became their target. Pakistan, being an atomic nation, became a big challenge for them. In order to finish their atomic power, they started working on it. They created 9/11 to make excuse to attack Pakistan so that its atomic power can be finished but could not be successful. In order to achieve its goal they are in contact with India in the name of good friendship. Please remember Jews are for Jews only. They can never be friends of others, as they consider all inferior to them. That is why they are Jews by birth; conversion is neither allowed, nor inter-religious marriage. They will not mind to finish Pakistan at the cost of India. Certainly, if both gets into war, both will be eliminated, some may be less some may be more, as it will be an atomic war.

It is hard fact to accept but facts are facts, and we should not be hesitant to spread goodness and removing badness where infrmation plays grestest role. Unfortunately, we are living on politics, a grant of the west, which are nothing but full of lies and cheating in the name of diplomacy, professionalism, bureaucratic skill and ruling techniques. Today politics are being played at our dead bodies.

We Pray to the God to save our country INDIA from the bad intention of the pople and help it grow in such a manner that all citizens regarless of religoin, cast and creed live together in peace and calme, friendly and borotherly.

Salam Alam


It is sad to read the main article and various comments. If there is so much pent up feelings, so much bickering about regional identity, and so much anger about discrimination at a time of national crisis, then I feel worried for India.

  Terrorists came to a country called India. To kill its citizens who are called Indians. And that is the end of the matter. As an Indian, it is our duty to find out the guilty men at the helm and make their head roll. The culprits are Home Minister of India and Maharashtra, and its Chief Minister. Chief of IB, RAW, National Security Advisor and Chief of Coast Guard. They were either napping of totally incompetent. And of course, Kerala Chief Minister for his arrogance and insulting remark about a national hero. His head must roll too.

  What Raj did, say or should have done, is his problem and let constitution, law and courts take its course. We know he is dividing the country and the unity of India. By reacting to his provocation, we play straight in his hand. Let us stop bickering like a Bihari and let us behave like an Indian.

Dr. A. Kumar

Norfolk, England


My sincere request to you. Please moderate hate messages which add fuels to the fire of regionalism. Please do not let sick minds get the upper hand in this hour of crisis what India is facing today. The need of moderation becomes all the more important when our country is educationally backward and emotionally weak. Even the so called educated people are so superficial in their knowledge (and wisdom) that either they fall prey easily to hate-mongering or become highly prejudiced. This is quite evident from some of the posts on this portal.
Let me remind every one of us, that Bihar has never  been into any kind of regional chauvinism. Yes it's a highly devided society along caste lines. But never a regional rabble-rouser. People who denounce Biharis for its poverty and many other thing should go to Bihar and see even today how national greats like Shivaji and Sardar Patel are revered  and etched  in the minds of young Biharis. Be it independence movement or JP movement, We have always believed in Indianess and took pride in that. Let it remain like that. For it (regionalism) never going to benifit in any way to any society.
I would like people like Bhavesh to go through history of Bihar and India as a whole. For history is the true reflection of the future. Yesterday prosperity was the name of Patliputra today, it may be Mumbai or Gujrat. It does not take much in turning The wheels of Fortune. Our sothern states are live examples. So let us not be selfish and smug, for history is a great leveler who has taught lessions to many and the mighties. I digress...
Crisis in Mumbai is not the best of time to discuss Raj Thakrey. Its a time to think and feel for the nation. For this is not about Mumbai but our beloved nation. And please let us not give too much importance to perverse monsters like Raj. People who live and thrive on media creation, die the same way. Raj is not Mumbai and Mumbai is not Raj.
Jai Hind.
Alok Kumar Singh
Tokyo, Japan.


Bhavesh bhai, people of Bihar has always shed blood for India, be it freedom fight or Kargil war, our people has always kept the sprit of nationality up. In this moment of crisis in Mumbai, we are sincerely with all Mumbaikars. But your support for MNS shows that you have also imbibed the ideology of MNS that is"Maharastra for Maharastrians". This idelogy is divisive, dangerous and has the power to slowly but surely weaken the unity and hence strength of the country. Your support for MNS is unfortunate. If Maharastra is only for Maharastrians, then why NSG and Army (which has people from all over India.) was called to flush out the terrorist in Mumbai ? MNS Sena can beat the innocent people from Bihar and UP, but were the mute spectator of the terrorist activities and illegal Bangladeshis living in Mumbai. Pradeep bhai is right in asking the questions to MNS.

Jayanand Jha



Before writing the comment let me make it clear that this is my point of view and has nothing to do with Bihar times. Bihar times should be praise for being a neutral and independent media.

MNS spreads fear (read terror) by attacking Bihari migrants in Maharashtra. MNS's acts are comparable to Islamic terrorism, both originating from similar grounds - Marathi and Islamic nationalism. It's an irony that the country stands up together against any foreign terrorism, but not against any regional terrorism. Raj Thackeray was recently compared to a terrorist by a Mumbai court. He is a terrorist, who have been spreading terror in the mind of people. His acts of sympathy or love for Marathis, whether they are real or artificial, makes no sense for a Bihari, till he completely stops spreading anti-Bihari sentiments. Bihari people should stand up together against any such forces.

If the nation fails against Islamic terrorism, we may at most lost kashmir or a Mumbai. Many new Mumbai would come up. But if the problems of Bihar (like floods, poverty, racism ..) and of eastern India in general are not solved, the very nation will cease to exist. Post-flood situation in Bihar has been neglected. On one hand Rs 4,00,000 crore is being spent for New Delhi's renovation prior to Common Wealth games, Bihar is yet to receive flood relief funds as per CRF recommendations. On one had the central government subsidizes grown in Mumbai and has invested heavily for port handling facilities there with a result that it handles 60% of Indian shipping business, ports in eastern India like Paradip port has been neglected.

How many states supported and spoke against anti-Bihari attacks in Maharashtra. Maharashtra government has no answer for discriminate murder of Rahul Raj by Mumbai police. Biharis shouldn't get deviated. Though Bihar should be with the country in this time of need, even though the country was not with Bihar when Bihari were facing Marathi terrorism in Maharashtra. Bihar has more serious problems to think of and concentrate. Perennial floods, economic developments are the issues on with Bihar should spend its time and energy in the interest of this nation. If these problems are not solved, the nation wouldn't stay together.Hundreds and thousands of Rahul Raj would be born.



Media did best thing by ignoring Thakares (Old man, his son and his nephew). These were the time to show deshbhakts on news channels. Who knows he would have called journalists but they would have ignored his call. Media did best by ignoring these type of people who plays the politics of division among Indians. Whole nation was together in this ciris and if they would have shown these oportunits (Thakareys) who play the politics of dividing nation then it would have been a major disaster. We should not discuss these type of people.
One gentleman named Bhavesh claims that whole effort in Mumbai was happening through Raj. Its rediculous. This gentleman may claim that he dressed as MARCOS comandos and was fighting with terrorist inside Taj. For God shake stop such claims that BEST busses were plying on his behest, blood donation was happening on his behest, All abulences running from hospitals were belonging to Raj? Now next day this gentlemen will claim that all people near Taj were his men.
Are you saying that people came for blood donations on his call? Its shame man!
Chiranjiv Singh


have u visited blood donation camp sarted by Raj Thackeray the first one,
More than 50 MNS ambulance busy in streets of Mumbai.
He was at the last scene of our officers.
where were you??
He was at Hemant Karkare's residence where were all shouting people the laloo, paswaan, abu azmi all jerks.
He visited hospitals too and avoided media to shoot him.
He told his transport union to assist police if they want to reach anywhere.
He has also arranged food for police officials who were day and night standing to protect us near many places.
We all were there, u sitting there and just posting hate comments without knowing ground realities.
go and donate blood which is really wanted.
And please stop this hate attitude.
bhavesh vaity


I am gujrati who is ready to die for mumbai coz people like Raj Thackeray, Vilasrao Deshmukh are there to save us, u fools dont interfere in our matters, anyways we have not asked your sympathy and opinions for such sensitive issues.

Try to help out people of mumbai instead of spreading hate matters if you really feel we are your brothers.

If not than keep your damn shut atleast now.

A frustrated hate Bihari times editorials when India is standing one people like you are against it.

No you will egoistically stand for bihari pride against Raj.

Please understand the circumstance.

Aapsi ladai bhaiyon ki baad mein pahele baharwalo ko sabak sikhana hai isliye Marathi Gujrati, Bihari bhai jo mumbai mein ekta se ladh rahe hai unki madat karo, aur agar nahi kar sakte to yeh gandi news failana band karo.

Vinanti hai

Please co-operate.
bhavesh vaity