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Is Woman a Mystery?



This is a common perception about woman that she is a mystery. In reality no woman is a mystery. In this patriarchal society man makes woman to shut their mouths up. If women don't speak up, don't express their desire then they automatically become a mystery. After saying so and not knowing much about them, patriarchal society started making a socially constructed differences between men and women.

The root of social evils regarding women starts with a female body. Since ages, female are taught to be inferior than male because of their biological differences. But I do not understand how social evils are related to women's body? The answer is hidden with menstrual cycle of women. When females begin their menstrual periods they are taught that their body is not pure during this period.

Social problems related with women start with it, instead of  taking care and rest in this period,  family puts pressure on females to feel inferior because of menstrual cycle.  If women ignore their menstrual problems then it creates problems to their health.

Women should more explicit about problems regarding their menstrual periods. In reality, this is the power of women which brings life into this world. Because of menstrual periods, women are capable of producing life and men are not. In that way, man is an inferior to woman. Inferiority has played a great role in the domination over women by men. Domination pretends to be superior to control the means of production, money, technology and power.

To conceal his inferiority man starts his domination over woman.I would like to mention an advertisement of the whisper (sanitary pads) in which there is a very strong message to the society that is "Happy Periods". This gives strength to women of having happy periods. We should proud of having periods not to be guilt of having periods.

In my opinion government should take some revolutionary steps regarding this.  Government should give 5 days natural holidays to every women (should decide an age group of working women) and pay them equally to men. It will definitely bring an egalitarian society. We want men to treat us as women and not as their opponents. We want Equality not Uniformity.

Sara Wali




To me, a women has always been someone who has better sense of judgement and is mentally stronger than men. May be I am fortunate to have come across those kind of people in life. This is a fact that despite so-called patriarchism in society, no body admires a man who tries to criticize or tries to dominate women. Believe it or not, such behaviour has been a very subtle indicator of person's standing in his society and respect that he draws from people. 
I have never seen a  man who is confident about himself(irrespective of success or failure) ever trying to dominate women. In fact, It's easier to find women who have been source of pride for a man and who have been inspiration behind people success. I have seen amazing focus and 'power of perseverance' in women which can only be termed as gifted....something that is impossible to find in a man. I am not sure how people think of inequality (if not superiority) of women, It's women who make the world livable for mankind.

Magical Move



the article is really interesting and i would appriciate you for that. Today we need to talk out these theme. you have mensioned certain reallity or the sistems by means of whcih our patriarchal society reins over the woman. Well i would invite you the think about also our religion patriachal, almost all the religions like hinduism, Budhism, Islam, christianism, sikhism, all have this opresive is all fine there is a element of faith but this very fact what we call "faith" is the creation of patriarchal society. if we really wanto purify our society then we need to seach the TRUTH which our Father of Nation preached it all through his life. We need to purify many of the practice our faith first. And need to have very clear that none of the religion teaches the opresion and violence.
As a believer of all religion, i think it is time of purify our faith first and not go in seach for a god of whom we think beyond our world but amidst us in our family in our neighbour and in our society. Let all indian wake up and start the march of Gandhi of Truth.