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BPSC Drama Continues



(Bihar Times) After the advent of NDA government many thought that usual large scale corruption rampant in BPSC examinations will end. But it seems there is no end to it. Right two days before prelims exam question paper was out and being sold in market. The government panics and sets up new question paper and somehow their printer ends up playing gimmicks and many questions are found to be missing from question-papers at several locations.

The right thing to do would have been to reconvene the exam but the government goes ahead with results and as it seems for results they have decided to choose only the common questions from question-papers. Question begs what about those candidates who did well in those dropped questions. Since the missing questions were mostly from mathematics so all those who were good at math and slightly weak at history have suffered. My brother happens to be one of these candidates. In final analysis he had calculated 100 questions right and that included 10 questions of math. Suddenly he finds his total score is just 88. One of his friends from the OBC category although has the requisite 94 marks and even the official result shows 94 marks, yet his roll number doesn't figure in the list of successful candidates despite the cut-off for OBC being 92.

I am hard placed to reconcile to this. I mean how on earth no other state public commission exam suffers from this leaking-question-paper-saga right before the exam in this day and age. Still we manage to do exactly same year after year. When will this gross corruption end. Moreover, should not the commission have had three/four different set of questions to hoodwink these rogue elements within so that the state is not forced into huddle in case one of those set of questions get leaked.

Nitish Kumar jee have been doing well on every front and it's high time he fixes this serious glitch in the system. I also urge the honourbale high court to take cognizance of this cavalier attitude rampant in BPSC.

Anil Kumar



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