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Indian Psyche and Terrorism

Sudeep Singh


(Bihar Times) I was swapping channel in afternoon as it happens to be Sunday a weekend . Almost all channels were flashing the news of cracking of Indian Mujahidin module by Delhi Police. As a citizen it caught my interest and stayed with news channel, hearing all permutations and combinations of police which followed by intellectual discussion with different names and groups airing their views and opinions. Alarming was their approach, they were least concern about the consequences of their opinion and hardly anybody had complete blueprint to contain and eradicate the menace. 

It always as usual one versus rest. The one consists of people and organization who believe in hot pursuit of terrorism to the end of the universe. The second group consists of ruling  class and their organisation under the banner of secularism and human right.  

The second group has ruled this country since Independence and has contributed in grooming the psychology of Indians and their policies. The first group was always on fringe and never got opportunity to forment the psychology and policies of the Independent India. The beauty of this group is that they took long treacherous path of character building of the nation and which is always going to be long drawn up battle. Eventually, they got some success hence this second group came in to force and started asserting and questioning the deeds and future of the nation. 

Most of the people who undoubtedly affiliated to the first group though condemned the act of terrorism but under the pretext of other violence happening in different parts of the country. The question which comes to mind “Is all violence condemnable”. If it is so then every country on this earth has committed that heinous crime because there is no nation who has not fought war in one way or the other over the period of time and all these nations are supposed to be civilized and recognized by world body. “Going further with this thought which will include each and every entity whoever existed in this universe as mortal and immortal because violence is not which is committed through once physical power or firearms of any sort or by equipment or weapon of different kind ever imagined by living being. It also includes mental encroachment, luring the needy of any kind whether material or emotional or by means of any power and authority which compels living being in doing the act which the living being otherwise could have not executed in his thought or act. This also encompasses the creation of circumstances which otherwise could not have been in existence except the act which is committed by living being in absence of  those circumstances is non-violence. Therefore nobody or no act can be completely termed as violent and non-violent and that’s what Hinduism preaches when it says everybody is Shudra by birth and their ability to maintain equilibrium between violence and non-violence takes them to level of Vaishayas, Khsatriyas and Brahmins. One can see this as evidence in laws which convicts people for inflicting mental trauma and agony on account of act, behaviour or even speech whether written or verbal. This is manifested in laws of almost all the civilised nation. The higher the degree of civilization, the higher the punitive law. 

Hence all act of violence can’t be termed as violent and heinous because those acts of violence whose goal is to rectify the past deed or is committed for betterment of nation is rather act of purification and this will be purifying the civilization and eventually making it a better place to live. 

The act of terrorism which is committed by Islam across globe and specifically in India where frequency is highest is attributed to alienation by second group. The reason for this highest is the lack of  national character among the perpetrators of second group who has treated this community mere as voting machine and have systematically allow them to sway away from the mainstream of the nation. Alienation of any society can’t be attributed to others in case of India, Hindus can’t be cause of alienation as this is the Dharm which holded them in their arms since inception of  Islam. This is not the case with Islam because since the inception of  Pakistan, Bangladesh , Afghanistan and many other Islamic countries, the population Hindu or other community except Islam are meagre or in verge of extinguishing where as in India the population of Islam has grown up in leaps and bounds. This proves beyond any logic and presumptions of  better equilibrium pertinent to violence and non-violence among Hindus. There are abudance of circumstances when Islam was promoted on the cost of Hindus and national interest and one such act is promoting Islamic terrorism. The logic of alienation can’t be thrown to cover the pool of blood and flesh seen across the street of nation as this will lead in to highest level of  blood bath from rest of the nation that could cleanse the nation from the community itself. Instead of  covering them with logic of alienation one should understand the mentality of the community and work on changing them towards nation building. This could only happen when one treat them as one among the rest and not as voting machine. There should be no separate laws and regulations for them, no preferential treatment whatsoever on name of secularism or any other ism as this is pushing them in separate and isolated bracket of terrorism. How can one cease the alienation of community or individual by imparting them education in separate schools and colleges and in different formats which are so isolated from the structure pursue by overwhelming population.  It has been observed and experience by civilization that child who is kept away from society will not have belongingness to society nor will be suitable to live in with. The soul responsibilities for alienation of this community are community itself coupled with group who waived the flag of secularism which is widely defined as pseudo-secularism. The phenomena of alienation could be understood well by observing the flowing of rivers and oceans which carries so much dirt from civilization it passes through but we can only see residue which is not part of main stream and but at bank of it. The same happens with community which  doesn’t participate in main frame of nation rather creates separate structure for them hence, alienation. This  further builds their psychology in suspecting all the acts of nation without ascertaining facts and figures. One such act of suspicion is the arrest of  youth under the charges of terrorism. Here one can see thick line of divide between Islam and rest of the nation which has reached its pinnacle and could be conducive for retaliation from rest. 

For Islam they require a thorough introspection of their psychic and actions in terms of what they achieved and lost imbibing the feedback from rest of the nation. In case it doesn’t happen for long, mass violence will be way of their life and it will be difficult for any community to sustain such upheaval from majority. 

For rest of nation, they have to assert themselves with policymakers to design policy which is nation friendly than particular community friendly. This could well happen by excersing their franchise regularly and sensibly without any pity personal or other consideration except nation. If it doesn’t happen be prepare for Afghanistan like situation. Kashmir is one of the examples where you have been drove from your own land and demographic has turned in their favour.  

Learning is if certain policies and peoples are not able to deliver the desired results then it is better and logical to change to other rather than harping on same. 




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