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Bihar - Insulated Economy




I always wonder about Bihar economy . Its simply great . No outer world ever affect it . When India started getting exposure of global economy and investments 1990 onwards . Bihar political-will closed all its door to avoid the exposure . Now when all other states of Indian republic are in trouble due to global economy slowdown - Once again our Home is safe due to its insulation from outside world . When reality index in all other states are down - Bihar realty index is increasing exponentialy.

When every alternate states were trying to welcome our own TATA for its Nano project . Our Politicians avoid to say even a few words with this information that TATA started its journey from Bihar only.

Every other states like Maharastra , Tamilnadu , AndhraPradesh , Karnatka have scores of professional colleges managed by Pliticians . Many of you might have seen the recent national adverstisement about Chhagal Bhujbal and Institutions run by them . But our politicians belive to store thier Money outside the state i.e. they want to insulated thier 'hard earned money' insulated from own Bihar economy . Isn't it look strange ? Then how one can imgaine that Non Resident Bihari wil start investing in Bihar ?

On name of Industry , We have only one i.e. Secreteriat in Patna . Even the class topper of Netrahaat Vidyalay wants to join this Industry . Half of the Patna real estate owned by the people who are directly or indirectly involved with this Industry .

When Nitish Uncle came in power , we had the feeling that Now Bihari will get exposure of outer world economy but except sending N K Singh to Rajya Sabha no major changes . TATA , AMBANI , MAHINDRA they all came and promised .

when early 1970 many of Bihari Politicians srated managing private medicakl colleges they were hacked by Government . Why don't Government think that with more than 50 % reservation such Private Engineering and Medical Colleges will help thier Vote banks only . Have an example of UP where they have more than 300 professional colleges and with more than 50 % reservation , Vote Banks are getting education and exposure to New economy .

I hope Bihar Government will wakeup with a determination to end this Insulated Economy .

Ranjan Rituraj Sinh , INDIRAPURAM




They are exploting their own person ( SC & ST) more than general public that I am 100% agree with you.
It's a very important question/comments/suggestions  you have  raised here. If politicians are investing money in buying apartment or opening engineering college in New Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore & Hydrabad then how NRB can start pumping money in Bihar. Should NRB distribute money among Bihari Henchman by investing money in Bihar who are working for these so called bihar " rahnuma" politicians.
It's Bihar Politician who have to develop faith among investors. Because the day they start investing in Bihar suddenly everything will be changed & Bihar will become a no one state of India.
Still This goverment Politicians are working 40% & doing politics 60% which is reverse of  the Former president Mr.Kalam thinking.
But one news i heard that one medical Institute has been opened by Former BJP Bihar's president which is a good sign of political change & will give direction to the outsider to invest in Bihar , but on the same pattern they would  have to do a lot  to change The Bihar image.
Once i also heard that one politician (MLa) got money problem with Icici bank patna & that money was 2 crores. see how they are exploiting BIHAR. In this money a good engineering college can be opened but these 240 MLA ( Sory i do not know exact no of these kind of person) can turn around the Bihar Image easily.
But rather than doing themselves they are expecting from outside to provide money for their henchman & officers.
This goverment also started on the same way of the former goverment saying Goverment can not allocate land for Industry. Then for what you are in goverment.
I guess this letter would be read by Nitish goverment officers & Politicians.

Dhananjay Kr.Sharma
Newyork, USA