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Bihar:Endless Misery



Whenever name of Bihar comes in media, on one hand it represents poverty, lawlessness, flood devastation, drought, naxalism, moist, castism etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on. On the other hand Bihar means highest number of seat in IIT, CBSE, IAS and any other competitive exam being held on all India level. These are completely contrasting situation. Many of my friends asked me why students of Bihar succeed in competitive exam. They are surprised because they know that Bihar does not have good quality of educational infrastructure and system in place. I answer them; it is the sheer hard work and determination. Many a times I ask them can you live with bare minimum and prepare for exam for 3 year without getting de-motivated. At this point student of Bihar have high score. They keep themselves motivated and they remain focused even in the event of failures. But I am sorry to say that we the people of Bihar have failed miserably when it comes to collective efforts and decisions. We are expert in finding excuses when the issue of social upliftment comes. We almost shy away from social responsibility and come down to same rhetoric. In Bihar doing anything is impossible. The ground reality may be extremely harsh to execute some constructive work. But the mental blockade is the biggest hurdle.

Bal Thackerey and his family have always thrived on divisive politics and the current violence against students and people of Bihar should be condemned in strongest term. Their acts are threat for national unity. But has not time come that we should introspect. Why a person of Bihar need to go to Mumbai for earning Rs. 2000 per month. When will the heads of Lalu, Nitish and Ramvilas hang in shame? These shameless politicians are trying to do politics out of this incidence also. If these three have any self pride and even slightest of sense of responsibility then they must have sit together and taken a vow that we will work together and end the misery of people of Bihar. But what a pity?

In my opinion, we must start thinking about our social responsibility. I see education and rural economic development are the two keys which can unravel unlimited opportunities. In order to end the misery of Bihar these two points should be taken at highest sincerity. Also in order for any mass movement to succeed it should be close to the heart of people, meaning the movement should be attached to the emotion of people. Our past was glorious, our present is tense and future is uncertain. But we will not remain like this. We will again go back to our glorious days. This should be the level of commitment of each individual. We should develop our thinking in that direction. It is very important that we keep repeating and reminding the young generation that we have given Lord Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Samrat Ashok, J P to India and the world. We were the first kingdom who had written constitution of administration of any kind. Here reference is to ARTHSHARTA By Kautilya. This will instill a sense of pride in our lineage.  Shakepere has said what is in name? But I would propose to change the name of Patna to Pataliputra. Pataliputra would be a constant reminder of a glorious past.

The task of improving the situation in Bihar is a Herculean job. But we must have a beginning. And we can start from a point where we are standing. We have reached the bottom. Now it is high time that we bounce back. Education and rural economy will improve the thinking and quality of life of mass people. Then I hope we will not repeat the mistake of electing person with criminal back ground.

Let us hope that with collective effort and sense of duty and responsibility Bihar will succeed in achieving its glorious days.

Mithilesh Singh Yadav


Nuremberg, Germany.