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Fighting against Raj sponsored Terrorism  



Raj and Raj ( State ) sponsored terrorism is killing every Bihari . Bengal was divided in 1914 and Bihar took birth but many Bengalis preferred to stay in Bihar so we have Bengali Tola / Bengali Akhada etc almost in every district . Muzaffarpur saw many Sindhis and Marwari who built this city on map of Cotton Market of world . Prosperous Mokamah / Begusarai was best known for its business by Panjabis and Marwaris .

But, now all are vanished. Famous dealers of Automobile like Lovely Sen., Mithila Motors and many others from have been uprooted. Patna Kirana Store / D Lal & Sons / May Fair etc are said to be sold to local people . Who are responsible? Recently, I was at my native and just to find my curiosity I did a small survey and find that almost every family son / daughter or direct relation are getting their bread & butter outside the Bihar Kindly note - Irrespective caste / creed or Income group and this not only a scene of my native village but a real fact of whole Bihar. Who are responsible?

Whenever I meet any Sardar jee or someone else in Delhi and after enquiring I find from History that many of them were directly or indirectly associated with Bihar. Whether they or their relatives were with Darbhanga Maharaj or Hathwa Naresh or having jobs in Barauni / South Bihar (Now Jharkhand) many of them sweet memories related to Bihar.

I remember the "Mandal" of 1990, how so called forward castes were beaten on streets and at many places we supposed to half naked ourselves to proof that we don't have Janeu (Holy Threads). We were second citizen even in our home state. How can one force me to forget all those mental trauma and regular caste based killings and Naxalisms? and now when we have settled ourselves outside the state - One again this new RAJ in our life has become major threat. It may be a political game to weak his own father but for many of us it’s a question to survive. No Doubt, Majority of victims are poor people. But I ask all such victims - Why and how you vote for same group of people who are major cause of your departure from your own native? You are being killed in Assam / Maharastra and how long you will dance on the tune of Politicians? OR you deserve this treatment!


Ranjan Kumar
Asst Professor