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Take Action Against Raj


I would Mr requset Mr Laloo Prasad to ensure that if he is conducting the Railway Exams in Maharastra ,he should take care of the security of the candidates from Bihar as well.These are the candiadtes who don't have anything against anybody and are job seekers ,who wants to build their career and take care of their family and their loved ones. Students of Bihar are hard working and sincere and they dont deserve this type of treatment. Raj Thackery will definitely pay price for all his misdeeds and goondaism. Even the ganapati bappa will not forgive him.

I dont know why the congress led governemnet is silent over this in Maharastra .Mr Laloo prasad and his congress coalition should take this with Sonia Gandhi .The RJD ,LJP is part of the coalition.So whats stopping them to take action against the MNS Goondas.