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Constructive demonstration



Dear young Men and Women of Bihar,

We are proud of you. Your anger and frustration is understandable. Our heart goes out to all those fellow Bihari’s who suffered in this incidence.

We need to get strong, we need to get strong financially, we need to get strong by joining our hands together. We will be strong only when our Bihar gets strong.

We must do everything to make our Bihar stronger. We do it by our hard work. We do it by adding value, we do it by construction, we do it by creating knowledge base, we do it by not accepting “no” as an answer.

Maharashtra is much stronger financially than Bihar, let us do our part to make Bihar better than Maharashtra.

Let us not do anything where we slow down the progress of Bihar. Let us not do anything to decrease the value of Bihar.

Let us work harder, let us work smarter and let us work together to make our Bihar the best place.

Please do not shut down in Bihar. By doing this we are making our Bihar weaker. We will be taking away the productivity of Bihar for that day.

Instead take a vow to work harder on Oct. 25th. so that Bihar becomes better than what it was yesterday.

This is an opportunity for us to show our determination for growth, development and self sufficient.

God bless all of you

Ramesh Yadav
Fremont, California



I completely agree with you Ramesh Jee. We need to become self dependent
by working hard. Given the huge opportunity that Bihar has, I am very
optimistic that hard work by people of Bihar has huge dividend which our
next generation would be proud of.

Bay Area


You penned down exactly what I have been thinking about the demonstration taking place in Bihar. According to Chanakya 'Strength respects strength'. Unless we (Bihar & Biharis) are strong (economically & socially), we won't get the respect from others.
Jayanand Jha
Chicago, US


Well Said Ramesh Boss
We must be more constructive in our approach
Lets us build Bihar with or without wicked Politicians
Abhishek Kumar