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Ransacking Railway Stations


I condemn whatever MNS did in Maharashtra. Whatever MNS has been preaching in past 11 months is deplorable. Whatever happened in Assam is equally pathetic. Every sensible person in this world, irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion, region and language, will definitely abhor the acts of hatred and high-handedness in Assam and Maharashtra. It is unfortunate that Bihar is at the receiving end in both these totally uncalled for violent deeds. As a patriot Indian I am ashamed and as a devout Bihari I am miffed at their attitude.

But, what rights to Biharis have to destroy the Railway's property? What rights do Biharis have to stop the movement of trains through Bihar? What rights to Biharis have to stop the vehicular traffic through different highways and interstates? What rights do Biharis have to burn the buses and trucks? What rights do Biharis have to burn the police vehicles? What rights do Biharis have to pelt stones on law enforcement personnel? What rights do Biharis have to stop the classes at different schools and colleges in Bihar?  Both as an Indian and as a Bihari, I am ashamed and miffed at the response of the fellow Biharis.

Not that I hold anything against the anger of Biharis. The pains and sufferings and tribulations of thousands of Biharis are genuine. I deeply understand what they might be going through. It is the manner in which this distress and affliction is expressed is what that makes me sad. I believe that the miseries and grieves of those directly affected in Assam massacre and Maharashtra mania are insurmountable, even with all those compensations, sympathies and apologies. But, who makes even an iota of gain by burning the properties of public or individual or that of government of India?  Two wrongs do not make a right.

In the war of states, it is the nation that bears the biggest brunt. Whatever happened in Assam made India poor, whatever happened in Maharashtra made India poorer, and whatever happened in Bihar in the aftermath made India even poorer. India is the sole looser. Janpadon ki ladai me rashtriyata dam tod deti hai. Nobody thought of India when Biharis were killed in Assam, nobody thought of India when Biharis were driven out of Maharashtra, and in the same token nobody thought of India when Bihar was burnt by Biharis. Bihar lost a lot in Assamese genocide, Bihar lost a lot in Marathi expulsion, Bihar lost a lot in Bihari retaliation, but at the end it is the India who lost the most. Most remarkably, nobody gained anything! Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and bringing the entire state to a complete standstill are not omens of a progressive country.

What I urge and beg my fellow Biharis is to be constructive in their response. It is the time of some serious thought and some true introspection. I request my fellow Biharis to be patient and poised. I wish my fellow Biharis to be strong and forceful. I expect my fellow Biharis to be calculated in their response to external provocations. I pray my fellow Biharis to keep India first in all their deeds and actions. I instigate my fellow Biharis to swear to rebuild a new Bihar:  a Bihar, where roads are nice, smooth and congestion free; a Bihar where its masses are law abiding; a Bihar, where education system is strong and state of the art; a Bihar, where judiciary is speedy and impartial; a Bihar, where media is free and fair; a Bihar, where power generation is abundant; a Bihar, where agriculture is profitable and self-sustaining; a Bihar, where disaster management is team is prompt and effective; a Bihar, where jobs and employments are plenty; and finally a Bihar, where Assamese and Marathis will throng to look for jobs. This does sound like an idealistic dream, but in my opinion, this will be the best revenge.

Pradeep Rai 



I do believe from the view of Pradeep Rai that the best revenge from the handful of Marathis and Assamese is to make our own Bihar such an ideal state that they look for jobs in our state.

As said by Narendra Modi, one of the fastest growing state's chief minister that he has got a new challenge from Americans after being denied the Visa for US and that challenge is to make Americans wanting Visa for India to come to Gujarat.

We and our leaders need to work with that attitude.

Though a bitter truth but a statement given by Uddhav thakarey is 100% true that whatever is happening to Bihari today is due to the misdeeds of our so called leaders for last 20 years or so. Nobody goes out of state very happily but the need of a job sends them out. Our state had all the potential to grow to a level of Maharashtra, gujarat or whatsoever developed state.

Thanks to destiny we have an eminent chief minister in Nitish Kumar who is atleast trying to bridge the gap made by our past leaders. Hope to see the changes soon and we also want to get back to our home soon.

Ramnish Kumar