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Wake up Bihar, Wake up India



Assault on Bihari people has been going on for a while and is getting worse by the day. What puzzles me most is the action taken from our own people and leaders from Bihar. Our leaders are making headlines in newspapers with their statements without any result. What is the use of these statements when Raj Thackeray and his goons have been freely assaulting Bihari people for over a year? The worst thing is happening right now, with Bihari youngsters burning trains in their own home state, ransacking their own universities and rioting at railway stations. Who will suffer—Not Thackeray, nor his goons. We, the people of Bihar will have to pay for all this damage, while our own innocent people suffer. These violent acts do nothing to alleviate the pain caused by Thackeray and his followers—on the contrary, they add on to the crisis. It is about time every one of us understood the problem and learned how to protest. Burning effigies did not help, and neither will burning trains. There are numerous non-violent methods that will produce results far better than what we are seeing right now. We must make our voices heard by talking to the media, communicating with our leaders, and filing court cases against Thackeray to stop these criminal acts. People from other states remaining mute spectators, not taking any action against this unfairness, is also a matter of concern. Today it is Bihar, tomorrow it may be them. This whole situation is extremely dangerous for the unity and peace of our country.

Sujay Roy
California, USA



I went through this article and I am going to give the full agreement  with the views of Sujay Roy. What is currently going in India,Paticularly in Maharashtra with people who belonging to Bihar has raised questions for our Indian Unity. We Indian should keep in mind whether you are belonging to Bihar ,Utterpradesh, Delhi, Kolkata etc our Indian constitutions has not given you power to discriminate our society by culture, cast, and  states. It is a kind of crime who dare to do this kind of activity we all Indian should save our system by resisting in proper manner.

Manoj Kumar Mukul

Tokyo, Japan.