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Conversion and Repercussion 

Sudeep Singh



(Bihar Times)Change of any kind is always met by resistance of various kinds across the civilisation and period. It is logical  to ascertain all pros and cons of new status as all change is not productive and conducive. Same is the case with conversion from one religion to another as is the case with change all conversion is not out of conviction of faith but many other materialistic reasons and disguise. Conversion is quite old phenomena across globe and also in India. It  is history that Islam and Christanity in India is result of Hindus getting converted in to respective religion and there are various reasons which fuel this process over the period of time. One of the foremost reasons was governance. During the rule of  Mughals and Muslim large number of population got converted to Islam. Similarly during the  era of British large population got in to fold of Christianity. This indicates that ruler encourages people to follow religion of its own to rule longer without much hassles hence ruler to patronises the act of conversion. In modern India theory of governance remains the same where as different political ideologue supports and patronize particular caste and religion to create its own vote bank.  

Recently there has been incidence of attack on churches in those parts of the country which has seen large scale conversion which has got weeks and weeks of coverage in newspaper and news channel without counting on cause of such mass upheaval. The reason that is propagated for violence is Sangparivar and specifically Bajrang Dal and not cold blooded murder of Saint Lakshman Das and his disciple and if you want to ascertain that check with people around you who will be aware of attack on churches but have not even heard of name of saint, forget the killing. This is happening because neither it  serves the vote bank politics nor  their purpose to become bigger and better secularist than others. To understand this nepotism from state and its bandwagon we need to understand the psychology of people who is ruling the nation since independence and their interest. They have created a platform under the banner of secularism where every act of getting there is considered as legal and morally correct and rewarded by state and rest are considered as sin and faces brutality of state. This over a century or so has created anger among Hindus who is felt left out in running the country on just principals. Hence anger is manifested in way of violence and is increasing every day because if you don’t give them space and redressal they chose alternate method of redressing their grievances and easiest way out is violence. At the same time the appeasement policy of state towards few on name of minoritism and secularism pampers them up to a level of making  brat out of them who wants everything which is suited to them whether it is due or undue. The reasons for fueling disintegration among Hindus in so many classes is to feed the same ruling class to reach to power and any act which is perceived as disturbing the equilibrium is met vehemently. You will observe the same political class which has created OBC, MBC, SC, ST further  differentiated on line of Sikh, Buddhist and Jain  etc among Hindus will oppose any bifurcation among Christians and Muslims because if they are divided in same way the Hindus are;their whole purpose of getting unified vote from those religion will be defeated hence they treat Muslim and Christian as single entity respectively. Thus purpose of their opposition is not violence but violence against their interest if violence would have been the cause then killing of saint along with many other Hindus would have also seen same emotions expressed by concern people. This is the trend for all the issue whether it is Godhra train carnage followed by Gujurat riots, re-conversion of converts to Hinduism, infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims followed by reaction of aborigines of Assam, stoppage of Amarnath yatra and many other such incidences. Hence the attack on Christians in Orissa , Karnataka and other part of the country is vent to anger against governance and evangelist who lure week and poor in to conversion. If you dig deep in to it you will find violence is not initiated by Hindus but by perpetrators of conversion who killed holy soul in Orissa for his service to mankind which unfortunately not serving the interest of them. In Karnataka numerous booklets have been circulated among people which de-generate Hindu tradition and almighty to infuse inferiority complex among not so enrich Hindus and it has been resisted by mass upheaval. Blaming sangparivar or even thinking of banning it will be adding fuel to fire as it is treated as the only nationalist organization working for betterment of nation. The irony is that the reason given for conversion is not pursued for re-conversion and all hue and cries happens when they see people going back to their forefather’s religious fold . That’s the prominent reason of killing the torch bearer of Gharwapsy (Reconversion) at many places in country. There are schools and a colleges run by missionaries openly serves beef to Hindu student without giving them option. Can they do same with Muslims by serving pigs? The reason is that they are bigger vote bank than them and hence will get support from same political class who supported them against Hindus.  

We can have numerous intellectual discussions on violence and can send umpteen company of paramilitary but will not be successful to quell that because no amount of security personnel can fight with mass. The risk is if you continue to do that security personnel will turn towards mass as they also come from same society with same emotions and feelings. Eg: Mumbai riots and Gujurat riots. To deal with situation one need to understand the ground realities and can’t allow conversion without hassles and ban or discourage re-conversion by creating numerous hurdles. Though you can win many or most of the debate in your respective intellectual circles but can’t pause the violence at the ground level as common people may not have opportunity nor ability to shut debate but have enormous ability to change the ground realities and continuance of same will force majority towards defiance which we are observing in way of violence. Isn’t it duty of state to stop infiltration across border and if people or organization has taken the responsibility of state why is unwarranted ? Though state could catch some and prosecute few on the name of minority appeasement but will not be able to save their life from majority for long. We need to think what could be logic of not having uniform civil code even after half centuary of independence to eradicate religion personal code which is heavily lopsided towards minorities.  

The tradition and culture of this land which is one of the ancient and valuable than other will extinguish with unmindful conversion of Hindus in to others as conversion changes the whole perspective of individual towards civilisation that carried by their forefather with so much pride because the religion which is not indigenous to land will carry its own fancies from land of its origin. Do we allow that ? The question which haunts one is  how come  organisation or person who is serving converts to re-convert in to its original religion could be termed as enemy of nation ? The logical answer probably will be in not but where logic and vested interest precedes the national interest that is in our country will be yes.  

The message to the state is that you can beat the drum of minoritism in your own den but will be hardly successful in quelling the violence if your acts and principals are not convincing enough to mass. One needs to see the people of all religion with one eye and credit should be given to majority in case of India Hindus for their brotherhood treatment towards other religion because facts and figures of approach of other religion is starkly opposite to Hindus in their own land of origin or acquired. Ponder a bit on few incidence of near past where state and PM of country ashamed and lost sleep on backlash towards Christians and arrest of individual from Muslim community in foreign land but have stomach full of sleep and pride on Hindus not allowed to wear turbans ,nose rings and drove from their home by  propagators of same communities who are majority in those land .  
In case we don’t stand on the face of conversion be prepare for facing situation where you will be drove from your own towns , villages, societies and homes.
 Message is equality for all appeasement to none.