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Social engineering required in Bihar  



The past history of Bihar is glorious but present is shameful. The society and villages are divided on the basis of caste and creed. This discrimination is the major disturbance in the development in Bihar. Caste based politics destroyed the harmony of the society. The economically weaker section of the society is not getting proper benefit provided by the government. Those who are politically influential persons are getting all benefits whatever their caste may be. Even today people of many areas cook their food in earthen pots. From last 20 years many politicians vowed to make equality in Bihar but I felt the distance increased in between the poor and the rich. Still the development of villages is very slow. Brain drain is still continuing from Bihar.

Recently I went to take flood relief in a village of Madhepura district and I could see the social structure and standard of living in Bihar in reality. In that village there were mainly two castes: yadav and rishidev (musahar). I found discrimination between them. Even in flood situation they were not helping each other. On the basis of humanity there should not be such discrimination.

 Most of the women were half naked in that village. They were only in saree neither petticoat nor blouse. I never saw such a condition of women and children at any place. There were many malnourished children. They had protruded belly and bowed legs. I felt the real situation of Bihar. The glamour of towns and cities is not the reality.In the ancient time, the basis of caste was the work. But in this mechanized era, there is no importance of the caste system. Even the dominant castes of Bihar such as Bhumihar Brahmin, Kurmis and Yadavas are selling shoes and vegetables. Therefore, I would like to request the present politicians of Bihar to do social engineering on the basis of economy not on the caste.

Sudhir Kumar
Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
Endocrinology Div.
Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI)