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Politics over Mumbai Shoot-out



So an innocent looking clean shaven smart lad in full daylight keeps pointing to call the police is getting murdered in cold blood as if he were some AK-47 wielding terrorist. More apalling was the tome of MAharashtra home minister a NCP leader who chimed in very jingoistic and arrogant tone " Golie ka jabab goli se hoga."

You never hear this kind of straight talk when somewhere some terrorist gets killed in gun-battle where top cop of Delhi police loses life. You would see leader and media alike somehow picking hole in police version.  But in this case people like Rajdeep Sardesai who otherwise do bidding of terrorist are convinced there was no way out and Mumbai police had to shoot the boy down.

let us look at the facts which comes from visuals. First if he had to shoot people he would have very well done before police even got wind of anything he didn't. Second he was firing in air  and at the same time suggesting that he would like to talk to police commissioner. What on earth was the need to shoot him down . Could not they have  called police commissioner.

Now little bit about socalled Sadhvi terrorist. Whether she is accomplice or not will be clear once investigation progresses. So far only connection we hear is that the bike which was used is registerted in her name and we all have seen how terrorist steal cars /bikes etc in order to use in their nefarious design. Assuming she is guilty. Now let us see what NCP cadres have done they have atatcked a VHP office. Same NCP never talked tough or never attacked any SIMI office. If you go by the scale of violence and subsequent response of NCP cadres then they should be attacking SIMI office everyday but nothing of the sort ever hapepned. IN fact quite contraray to that we have seen an NCP member and lawyer defending 1993 bomb blast accused in court. Now there is nothign illegal in that but certainly puts things in perspective.

One word of thanks for all the Bihari leaders for speaking in one voice but even there Lalooji could not help baking his political bread by invoking BJP RSS etc. he cound nto mjuster courage to name congress at centre and NCP at state with same vigour though. It;s a fact that if Laloo prasad Yadav wants Raj Thackrey will be behind bars within second that's the extent of Sonia Gandhi's dependence on laloo. but we all know Laloo prasad Yadav too needs Sonia Gandhi so he will put forwards some empty rhetorics agaisnt parties who have nothign to do with this menace. Laloojie it's still not too late show gumtion and bite the bullet if you really want to be taken seriously by people of Bihar that you mean business while speaking against all the crimes committed against Biharis all over India. While you are in power you don't get to shed crocodile tears people want to see real action.

anil kanhaiya