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Immediate Action to deal Maharashtra episode



Immediate Action to deal Maharashtra episode

1. Declare Mumbai a Union Territory as Delhi: If Government wishes that the same is not repeated in any Metro politan city where it has invested the public money in huge quantity, the city must be declared Union Territory so that there is no false pretending of being father of such property by such irresponsible persons, which has been built with the money from across the country. It must be in full control of Central Government and this can be ensured by making it Union Territory.
2. Take care of undeveloped States: It is true that some of the State Governments are not hyperactive for clinching manufacturing units/educational institutions/units of PSUs/Other govt institutes to be established in their state. They may not be utilizing the funds given by Centre properly. But since the job opportunities will shift to those states which are smarter enough to take away lions share from Centre. The Central Government suo-moto take initiative and put more stress to undeveloped states and create jobs in these undeveloped States by putting manufacturing units/educational institutions/units of PSUs/Other govt institutes of Central Government and bring equal opportunities.
3. Derecognise such parties: This all drama was for creating vote bank at the cost of dividing Country. Spreading more hatredness means becoming much bigger leader is being proven with the incident. Derecognition of such parties by Election Commission playing divisive politics will prevent others from playing such cards in future.
4. Trial of cases in other States: The cases registered against such leaders must be tried in Courts in other States. So that there is more fear in such leaders.
5. Control on media : The news channel which tries to inflame/create havoc by showing small incidents by creating hype out of it, must be controlled through different measures available with the Governemnt.
6. Distribute Tax payers money to States considering gravity: The tax payers money collected by Central government should be distributed by considering the per capita income of the states, population of the states, developmental status , Gross Domestic Product of states etc, so that there is equal opportunities for the citizens of India across the country.
7. Empowering Citizens of Undeveloped States: One of the main reasons of non-development of a particular state may be lack of awareness about the rights of the residents. The residents of undeveloped states must be empowered through RTI, Public Grievance mechanism, Fundamental Rights , Awarenss about development scheme of Government, their role in the development. Such initiative may be taken up by Central government by creating an Agency specifically for this job.

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